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May 26, 2015

Training for 5/26/15

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Saturday was another decent day for running, not too hot or humid. Those days will be few and far between as we get into summer, so I have to enjoy them while I can.

Even though I had the 5-mile race scheduled for the next morning, I decided to do a longer run than I’d been doing all week, a lap around the 8.4-mile loop. I knew I wasn’t really in shape to crank out a good 5-miler anyway, so I might as well just rack up some miles instead.

The first 7-ish miles went fine, but then things got weird in the final mile and a half or so. My throat kept sort of closing up, like what I would imagine an allergic reaction is like. I don’t have allergies, so I have no clue what was causing it. It wasn’t in my chest at all; it was higher, in my neck. I’d feel my throat start to constrict and then my heart rate would skyrocket, so I’d stop to walk until I felt normal again, repeating that all the way until I got home. I felt fine the rest of the day, and tried to drink more water than usual, in case it was related to dehydration or something. A real confidence boost before a race!

Anyway, we washed the Jeep that afternoon, and then we went to the beach house. A couple of friends came over to hang out for the evening. We grilled up some burgers with bison and elk meat (never had elk before — it wasn’t bad, but I liked the bison better.) I only had one beer and stuck to water otherwise, hoping I wouldn’t have any more weird breathing problems in the race the next morning if I was well hydrated.

Sunday morning was a great day to run a race, the polar opposite of the day we’d gotten in St. Michaels the weekend before. It was so cool I actually took a short-sleeved T-shirt with me, in case I felt like it was too chilly to run in the tank top I’d packed.

I got to Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes well before the 7:30 a.m. start. TK arrived right after me. We got our race bibs and event shirts and hit the bathroom, and then I ran an easy mile to warm up.

The warm up didn’t feel all that great. My legs felt heavy and every time I glanced at my Garmin, it was showing 9:15/mile pace or slower, which was a lot slower than I felt like I was running! I wasn’t feeling fast at all.

I joined everyone else in the starting pack on the high school’s bright blue track, inside the stadium. I was standing right next to this woman who was jogging in place and laughing after every stupid thing she said to a couple of her friends. I was trying not to pay attention to her, but man was she getting on my nerves! It felt like it was taking forever to get the race started.

Starting pack.

Starting pack.

We got the start commands and took off. The course was the same as always — partial lap around the track, leave the stadium, loop behind the school, cross Kings Highway, get on the trail along Gills Neck Road, run through downtown Lewes, come back up Kings Highway, run straight back to the stadium, run the partial lap around the track the other direction and finish at the same line.

I already felt winded before we even got around the school. Not a good sign! I tried to settle into a semi-manageable pace as we left the school grounds and got on the trail.

We hit the first mile somewhere on that trail. The Garmin reported a 7:28 mile. It felt so much harder than that!

I started to feel a little more comfortable in the second mile, which left the trail and got on the road. I ran the second mile in 7:32, not a big drop-off at all. For a moment I thought maybe I could manage that for the final three miles and get a decent finish.

Well, nope. The third mile took us into Lewes. This teeny little rise in the road — you really couldn’t call it an uphill — felt like a mountain. I was sucking wind at the “top” of it. The third mile ticked off in 7:43. I was fading.

Just two more miles, just two more miles! I was yelling at myself to hang the eff on as we ran through Lewes and then towards the school. Mile four was 7:58. I was dying!

The last mile was awful. I was worrying so much about the breathing problems from the day before, I was psyching myself into thinking I could feel them coming back. I wanted to walk, I wanted to stop, I wanted to finish. Somewhere in here a guy ran past me wearing the same Shamrock Marathon finisher’s hat as mine and gave me a fist bump.

We made the turn back onto school grounds, which meant we were less than a half-mile from the finish line. I managed to keep running at least, but it wasn’t very fast. I was dead.

We got back on the track. The finish line was only a 300-meter “sprint” away!

As I came around the final turn, I saw Fredman, the local photographer, clicking away. Well, I might be slow as shit this year, but I can at least get a good picture out of it! So I smiled for the camera. I look a lot happier here than I actually was!

masser 5-miler finish 2015

That guy behind me went blowing past me before we got to the line haha.

I crossed the line and stopped my Garmin — 38:44, a 7:44/mile average and my second-slowest time in the six years I’ve run this race. Woof!

For real, I need to do regular speed work again. I am just not comfortable with running uncomfortably fast anymore. As soon as it starts to hurt now, I just want to back off. The only thing that fixes that is intervals and (ugh) tempo runs.

I did one more super slow mile to cool down, and then TK and I checked the results. Lucky for me, no one faster in my age group showed up Sunday, so, in spite of my slow time, I still won the F 30-34 age group. I was first of nine in my age group, eighth woman overall out of 133 and 70th overall out of 267 finishers.

What bugged me though was the fact the overall women’s winner ran a slower time than my PR — and the prize for the overall men’s and women’s winner is a $75 New Balance gift certificate. That could’ve been mine if I’d trained!

Well, boo hoo. Nothing I can do about that now. After the awards, I drove back to Fenwick, and then Clark and I went home, showered and drove to Grasonville for my sister and cousins’ graduation party.

Our group had a nice little corner of the deck at The Bridges all to ourselves, where we could watch all the big expensive boats coming and going. It was great to spend some time with my mom’s side of the family. We don’t see them nearly as much as my dad’s side, since they all live more than a mile away from my parents haha.

My mom with her brothers, Dana and Kerry.

My mom with her brothers, Dana and Kerry.

Three recent college graduates: My sister Julie (medical lab research) and my cousins Anna (social work) and Claudia (urban planning.)

Three recent college graduates: My sister Julie (medical lab research) and my cousins Anna (social work) and Claudia (urban planning.)

Clark and I went home after the party, grilled some brats for dinner and tried to watch the Coke 600. I got a lot closer to the end than he did, but I still wound up asleep on the couch before Carl Edwards won it. I did, however, get to see Jimmie stupid Johnson spin out (for the second time that night!) and slam into an inside wall, so that was nice.

They said during the race one of the drivers, Landon Cassill, was planning to run the nearly 14 miles from the track to the NASCAR Hall of Fame as soon as the race was over. Today, it was reported he ran the 13.9 miles at a 7:19/mile pace, finishing just before 1 a.m. I couldn’t hold that pace for a measly 5-miler, and that wasn’t immediately after driving a race car for several hours. Twist the knife a little deeper haha.

Monday, we slept in, and then we took Pepper for a run around the 4.5-mile loop. It was a lot warmer than Saturday and Sunday had been, but clearly not as hot as last weekend, because Pepper never threw up when we got home. Win!

That afternoon, we went to 3rd Wave for a couple beers. This older couple sat down near us. Somehow we got talking about running. The guy said he’d run the Marine Corps Marathon in 2010. I said that’s the same year I ran it. He said he hit halfway in 2:06. I said I hit halfway in 2:08. And then he said he finished in 4:42. I said I finished in 4:43! I believe there were 22,000 finishers that year, and I meet at bar five years later someone I ran near the entire way. Small world. After 3rd Wave, we went to Evo for late lunch/early dinner, and then we went home.

Today, it’d gotten way too hot to think about running by the time I got around to it, so I just did some strength training with the adjustable dumbbells downstairs. Pepper seemed to like that plan a lot better than he would’ve liked running in the heat, or staying home alone while I ran.

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