A Simple Running Log

May 8, 2015

Training for 5/8/15

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Today is the 51st birthday of my favorite person I don’t really know — Bobby Labonte! Happy birthday, Bobby!

I had to go to Pepper’s vet in Easton to get his flea/tick/heartworm medication this morning, so I took Pepper with me and we ran on the Rails to Trail first. The trail is 2.5 miles end to end, so we parked a little ways from one end, ran to the other end and back with a little detour through a park it passed on the way and then ran back to the car. We did exactly 6 miles. The average pace wasn’t very fast — 9:36/mile — but that was because I didn’t bother pausing the Garmin every time we had to wait for traffic to clear to cross a street or for Pepper to pee on another bush. He peed on a LOT of bushes. So many new smells!

When we got back home, I did some strength training, abs, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights. That’s twice in the same week! I’m on a roll!

This weekend, I would like to do a double-digit run tomorrow, my last long run before St. Michaels next weekend. Then my friends and I are meeting in the afternoon to celebrate Meredith’s and my birthdays, and TK surviving another tax season. The Kansas race is tomorrow night. Sunday, I’ll do a short run in the morning, and then Clark and I are taking our moms to brunch at Harpoon Hanna’s near the beach house for Mother’s Day.


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