A Simple Running Log

April 24, 2015

Training for 4/24/15

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Yesterday afternoon, I stopped by my friend Allison’s house. She just adopted a roughly 4-year-old black Lab (that’s the vet’s best guess anyway, looking at the dog’s teeth.) She named him Skipper. A couple months ago, Allison also bought the car she’d wanted since she was in high school, a 1991 Volkswagen Cabriolet.

So we loaded up her kids and the dog in the back seat, and we all took a ride around the back roads near her house. It was a fun little car to cruise around in! It’ll be even more fun when it warms up.

cabriolet selfie

Skipper was found as a stray, roaming around with two other Labs who were either his mom and a sibling or two siblings, so the shelter wasn’t sure if he’d ever lived in a house with people. Allison said he’d had no idea what to do with a dog toy at first, but other than that, he’s adjusted very quickly. He’s a very sweet dog! The kids love him too, especially Matthew, who no longer has to try to convince his grandparents’ cat to play fetch haha.

When Skipper has been through obedience training and has had some time to settle in, I’ll bring Pepper to meet him. I think they’ll get along!

Today, it was windy as hell again, but otherwise a nice day. I took Pepper for a trip around the 5.5-mile loop.

I got the mail when we got home. Today, I got the Caroline County Humane Society’s monthly newsletter. I’m not sure how I even got on this mailing list, but I have learned to not even skim through it without a box of tissues handy! This month’s first article was about a pitbull who’d come to the shelter with mammary tumors after being forced to breed repeatedly her whole life. A woman volunteered to foster the dog and drive her back and forth to Pittsburgh, where she got free treatment for the tumors. I was already tearing up, but then came the knife to the heart — after the tumors were successfully removed, the cancer spread anyway, and she passed away only 10 months after she’d been taken into foster care. But for those last 10 months, she’d gotten all the love she’d missed out on the rest of her life. It was so sad! Then there was another article written by a woman who’d adopted a different pitbull from the shelter, and how wonderful a dog she is, even though X-rays show more than 25 buckshots lodged along her spine and in her chest, belly and legs, indicating she’d been abused before. How can people be such massive assholes?

I did what I always do — hugged my pain in the ass dog until he started getting annoyed haha. Thank God weimaraners live forever! Right?

Anyway… tonight, we’re going to Rehoboth so I can get a pair of the Zantes from the New Balance store, which has a 15 percent off sale going on through the weekend. Maybe I’ll try them out on the 14-miler I have scheduled for tomorrow. Or I might wait until Sunday to run in them, when I just have a 5-miler scheduled. Other than those two runs and watching the NASCAR race from Richmond tomorrow night, I don’t really have anything planned for the weekend.


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