A Simple Running Log

April 20, 2015

Training for 4/20/15

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It’s Marathon Monday! I stayed home long enough to see who won the women’s and men’s races at Boston, and now I’m in my office, leeching off the free WiFi, tracking all my not-quite-elite friends who are still on the course.

Anyway, I had a decent weekend of running. Saturday was sunny and pretty warm, probably the warmest day we’ve had since last September or October. Naturally, I waited until about 10:30 a.m. to start my long run, a lap around the 12.2-mile loop.

The first half of the run wasn’t too bad, but it was about halfway through I had to take a walk break for the first time. It was only about 75 degrees, which in the summer is a nice day, but this time of year feels like an oven. I was so hot.

I had at least thought to bring my water bottle along, and around 7 miles I ate a GU and took a salt cap. I passed on a couple of chances to take a shortcut home and did the entire loop, the longest solo run I’ve done since last fall probably. It got ugly, with plenty of walk breaks and a stop in the woods to use the bathroom, of course, but it got done.

When I got home, I found two hours in the sun, shirtless for the first time this year, had produced the beginnings of my annual sports bra, watch and shorts tan lines.

That afternoon, Clark came up with a rough plan for a walkway around our house, so we went in town to look at prices for materials. It turned out it’d probably cost about $4,000 to do what he wanted to do! So, back to the drawing board haha.

That evening, we stayed home and decided to have a couple beers. Then we decided we weren’t going to bed until we’d finished off everything in the fridge. There was more beer in there than I thought! I have no idea what time it was when we finally went to sleep, but it was definitely way into the early morning hours. We did, however, meet our goal of cleaning out the fridge, so, success!

Sunday morning, I got up around 8 and went out for a run. I didn’t feel too bad, actually, in spite of the long run the day before, all the beer and the late night. I did an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

Later that morning, Clark and I went to the Lutheran church in Easton, where my niece got baptized. It was a very nice service, and most of my family was able to make it, along with a lot of Kasey’s family.

After the service, Clark and I went to Cambridge, where we had lunch at The High Spot and then a couple more beers at RAR Brewing. Somewhere around our third or fourth beer, Clark asked if I’d settled on a fall marathon yet. I said it was down to either OBX or Richmond, and asked him where he’d prefer to go. Clark said definitely OBX.

I mentioned how much smaller of a race OBX is than Richmond anyway, which is when Clark said one of my favorite things ever.

“As the person who goes along and supports you, I’ve noticed you don’t seem to like the big races, so I think you should do OBX,” he said. “Not that I really listen when you’re rambling after your races, but there seems to be a lot more negativity coming at me after you’ve run a big one.”

He’s got me there haha! So it’s settled. I just registered for the TowneBank Outer Banks Marathon on Nov. 8. Actually, I registered for the 8K and full marathon challenge, like at Shamrock. Training begins July 6!

We talked about renting a beach house, since it’ll be the off season, and staying for a few days after the race. I’m already excited!

When we got home, we watched the Bristol race, or tried to. It was supposed to start at 1 p.m., but it was raining there off and on all day yesterday. It wound up taking until almost midnight to get it done. I stayed awake as long as I could, but I fell asleep before Matt Kenseth won it.

This morning, I took Pepper out for a quick run before the Boston Marathon started. We did a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. Now he’s in the office with me. When we get home later, I want to do some strength training.


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