A Simple Running Log

April 17, 2015

Training for 4/17/15

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I’ve run a couple times since I last posted. Yesterday, I came home to a utility room floor full of poop, but I guess I deserved it, since I had the nerve to actually leave the house to go to work and everything. I didn’t really have time to get mad at Pepper about it though, because Clark and I had plans for the evening. So I put Pepper in his harness, and we did an uneventful lap around the 4.5-mile loop together.

We got home at the same time as Clark. After the poop was cleaned up, Clark and I (and Pepper) went to the pub in Denton for the release of their second in-house beer, a very tasty stout called Chicken Necker, and a tap takeover by Sweetwater Brewing. It’s so nice to be able to sit outside and drink beer again!

Today, I didn’t have to physically go anywhere for work, and I only had to put in a couple hours anyway. So this afternoon, I took Pepper to Trap Pond State Park for another short easy run.

The weather was pretty much perfect, about 70 degrees and sunny with a bit of a breeze. Pepper and I ran the boundary trail around the pond, which is also about 4.5 miles.

After our run, I took Pepper to PetSmart to get his nails ground down. He was going insane while the groomer was trying to get him checked in, but, as usual, as soon as they let him behind the counter, he calmed right down, hopped up on the table and stood there quietly while they did his nails. The one groomer was amazed. “He’s like a completely different dog!” I don’t know why he has to act like such a lunatic before that!

Tonight, we’re going out to dinner to celebrate Clark’s aunt’s birthday. This weekend looks pretty quiet. I think Clark has a full slate of yard work planned for tomorrow. I’d like to get in this week’s 12-mile long run first thing in the morning. Sunday, I’ll do a shorter run in the morning, and then my niece is getting baptized.


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