A Simple Running Log

April 8, 2015

Training for 4/8/15

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A little cold front came through last night, and today was about 20 degrees chillier than yesterday. Still breezy though.

I just wanted to do a short easy run with Pepper. From the first step, he didn’t seem very into it. I don’t know if it was because the wind was blowing at us head-on in the first mile or what, but he kept slowing to a walk on the side of the road. About 3/4 of the way through that first mile, he came to a complete stop, dropped his stick and stared at me.

Usually I just remind him he’s only making it take longer when he does that, but he looked so sad! I knelt down and asked him if something was wrong. He put his forehead right up to mine and whimpered.

When I stood up, if he’d tried to run back toward home, I’d have probably let him. But he kept going the way we’d been running, so I followed him. We wound up doing the whole 4.5-mile loop. He seemed fine the rest of the way.

It’s OK, Pep. We all have days like that!

I got the mail when we got home, which included another RoadRunner Sports catalog. I cannot stand the way the models are posed in these catalogs. I guess RoadRunner is trying to make running look SO SUPER FUN YAY!!!!!! (P.S. BUY OUR STUFF) but all they accomplish is making these people look delirious.

Here’s the cover:

hitch a ride cover

Note the copy in the corner: “Hey, mind if I hitch a ride?” Perhaps if you weren’t laughing so hard at your idiotic non-joke, you’d be able to breathe correctly and you wouldn’t need so much help finishing your run.

This is the way the entire catalog is designed. Some favorites:


“I like to hit every obstacle possible!” That’s funny. I bet other people like to hit you in the face as much as possible, because you seem really irritating to be around.

ready to rock

“Let’s do this! I’m so ready to rock today!” Chill out, it’s a Body Pump class, not a mosh pit.

beat you

“No way! I finally beat you!” I’m guessing the dude on the left “finally beat” the dude on the right, but it doesn’t matter, because I want to push both of them back down those stairs. Let’s see who gets to the bottom first!


“Let’s face it, we’re awesome — right?” If you have to ask, no.

But of all this foolishness, this is the one that really chaps my ass:

10 miles

“Hey high five! We just smashed 10 miles!” Oh yeah? You just ran 10 miles without producing so much as a single drop of sweat? Sit the hell down! No one is falling for that!

Stupid RoadRunner Sports design team.


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