A Simple Running Log

April 7, 2015

Training for 4/7/15

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Well, I didn’t get my work done in time to go for a run before a meeting I had to cover yesterday evening, but after dinner, Clark talked me into doing one of those strength workouts on the surfing training app on his phone. So at least I did that.

Today, I took Pepper out for an easy run. I can’t believe I’m already complaining about this so early in the spring but… it was humid. There it is, the first of undoubtedly millions of complaints about the humidity. It was raining off and on all day and is supposed to rain some more this evening, so the air was pretty thick.

OH WELL. Suck it up, right? So Pepper and I took off down the road.

Like I mentioned last week, it’s fertilizing time in the fields around here. I’ve always felt lucky that Pepper isn’t a “normal” dog that likes to eat poop, because it’s pretty much a smorgasbord out there right now.

As usual, we were running along the edge of the road, past all the chicken shit, Pepper with a stick in his mouth. But then, about two miles in, he suddenly dropped his stick and made a bee-line for the edge of the field we were passing.

I thought he’d seen a better stick, or a piece of trash or something, but nope. For the first time in five springs he’s been running past freshly-fertilized fields, he’d decided to see what this poop-eating thing was all about.

He LOVED it. I mean, he was really chowing down on this crap. I was thoroughly grossed out and yanked on the leash to get him moving again, but I had to practically drag him down the road until we got past that field. I have no idea what was so special about the poop in that field, but it was some Grade A shit, apparently.

Anyway, the rest of the run was fine. No more poop-eating. We finished the 5.5-mile loop.


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