A Simple Running Log

April 6, 2015

Training for 4/6/15

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Saturday morning at the beach house, Clark and I were awoken by Pepper, who wanted his breakfast, and the awful realization that neither of us had remembered to bring any food for him. Nice work!

Pepper had to wait a little bit while Clark went to the nearest Harris-Teeter, which didn’t open until 7 a.m., to get some replacement food. I wasn’t sure he was going to make it. I mean, he had to wait, like, a whole HOUR past his normal feeding time, and he was quickly burning through what little extra energy he did have saved up by pacing incessantly across the floor, his nails clicking anxiously on the laminate.

It was pretty touch-and-go there, but he hung on. Barely. Phew!

Anyway, with Pepper fed, Clark went out for a run, while I ate my breakfast. When he got back, I went out for my own run.

Saturday was windy with a capital eff this. It was blowing east, straight out toward the ocean. Had it not been so windy, I’d have just run an out-and-back along the highway between Fenwick Island and Bethany, but there would have been zero reprieve from the wind there. Instead, I ran along the residential road between the highway and the oceanfront condos and small hotels in Fenwick and then Ocean City, hoping some of the buildings would block the wind a bit.

That worked pretty well until I got to about 118th Street in Ocean City, where the residential road disappears because of all the huge oceanfront hotels taking up all the space between the beach and the highway. I had to go out to the sidewalk along the highway.

I made it to about 94th Street when my watch hit 3.6 miles and it was time to turn around, and that was when I had to really face the wind for the first time.

It was brutal! I ran against it back to 118th Street, where, once I was back past the Carousel, I could get back on that residential street. The rest of the run back wasn’t too bad. I wound up running 7.3 miles at an 8:55/mile average, which was fine with me.

That afternoon, Clark and his dad wanted to go surfing. I’d have taken my paddleboard out in the ocean, but that wind was giving me flashbacks to last March, when I took the paddleboard in the ocean for the first time, and the wind, which was blowing in the same direction, pushed me out to sea and I had a really hard time getting back in.

Even though I’m more experienced on the paddleboard now, and hopefully wouldn’t have gotten immediately washed out like that, I still would have probably spent the whole time just fighting against the wind, and that didn’t sound appealing.

So, I drove them to the beach — first to Indian River, but there were no good waves, and then to 36th Street in Ocean City, where there were — and while they went surfing, I sat on the beach and drank a few beers.

One person found the one thing all that wind was good for -- kite-flying.

One person found the one thing all that wind was good for — kite-flying.

Kind of a chilly day for just sitting on the beach with all that wind.

Kind of a chilly day for just sitting on the beach with all that wind.

Clark heading back to the Jeep.

Clark heading back to the Jeep.

While Clark had been out in the water, the surf shop guy who’s been working on his other board’s busted fin box for the last six weeks called and said it was finally ready, so we stopped by the shop and picked it up.

After we left the beach house that afternoon, we met Mike at 3rd Wave in Delmar, where they were running their milk stout through a Randall full of chocolate Easter candy. It was pretty good!

And I got some pictures of Pepper that made me laugh.


drunk pep

pepper crazy eyes

pepper licking lips

He’s literally licking his lips because Clark had bought a cup of chili from the food truck outside haha.

When we got home from 3rd Wave, Clark and Mike wanted to go to the pub in Denton, but I didn’t feel like that, so I stayed home with Pepper.

Yesterday morning, I went out first thing for a run, before the wind had picked up, for once. It was a little cold, but otherwise a beautiful, sunny morning. I did an easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop.

I went to church, came home and made some fruit salad and then we all went over to my parents’ house for Easter dinner.

The weirdest thing happened after dinner. My uncle, who is probably the most negative person I know, asked me if anyone had ever told me I’m a good writer. He said my articles are very clear and concise, which is exactly what I aim for. Seriously, I was waiting for the “Except for this one article…” but it never happened! No critiques, just praise. I was amazed. People have told me before I write well, but you never know who’s just being nice. My uncle is never just being nice haha. I need to put that at the top of my resume: “John Schmidt, noted curmudgeon, said I’m good at my job, with no caveats.” Actually, that should just be my entire resume.

Anyway… Dave brought up the Dogfish Dash 8K. Not only is he running it in that inflatable cowboy-on-a-horse costume, he’s going to try to beat me. Now that will be the ultimate blow to my running ego, if a guy who hasn’t run in years beats me while wearing a huge inflatable costume! The thing is, he’s naturally much faster than me, so it’s not that unlikely, if he trains for it at all. Guess I have some work to do! I cannot let him beat me. So I guess I better take Pepper out for the short easy run on the schedule today, in spite of the wind.


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