A Simple Running Log

March 27, 2015

Training for 3/27/15

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I went for a short run yesterday afternoon, without Pepper since he was acting like his one front paw was so horribly maimed. He seemed genuinely shocked I ran anyway even though he “couldn’t” go.

It was warm and humid, shorts and a tank top weather, which was awesome! It was also really windy. Not so awesome. When I left the house, I found it was also lightly raining, even though the sun was out.

I did the 4.5-mile loop. I managed to leave the house right as another storm was moving through, apparently. By the end of the first mile, the sun had disappeared and I was in the middle of a full-on downpour in 20 mph wind. It actually felt pretty nice since it was so warm out, except for the stupid wind, of course.

When I got home, Pepper’s foot had magically healed and he was no longer limping around haha.

Today, I did something I haven’t done in a while — I went to a hot yoga class. It was a tough class! I was pouring sweat, and several times I could feel muscles starting to shake while trying to hold poses.

I thought I was just out of practice until I heard the instructor, talking to one of the other students after class, say she liked strengthening poses so she might have gone a little overboard on them today. The other student said something about how he thought he was dying a couple of times, which made me feel better. It wasn’t just me!

I had to go to Walmart after the class to do our grocery shopping. I hate Walmart. It actually didn’t take too long today, for once, and I thought I was home-free as I pushed my cart through the pouring rain to my car.

Ha, nope! While I was unloading the groceries, some guy came up and said he needed to ask me a question. I thought he had a real question, but it turned out it was just another sob story, probably completely made up, that was obviously going to end with him asking for money.

My eyes glazed over. I had finished loading my groceries in the car and was just standing there in the rain waiting for the end of this dumb story so I could say “Sorry, I don’t have any cash.”

Then there was a twist — the guy, who was black himself, said he’d stopped asking other black people in that parking lot because they’re all “too mean.” Maybe he thought I’d be like “Yeah, racism! Here’s a 20!” Instead I just continued to stare at him. I’m pretty sure they were all “mean” because they don’t like being shaken down for money in a downpour outside freaking Walmart when they’re just trying to get the hell out of there and go about their day, moron!

That got him to finally quit talking. I didn’t even have to tell him I didn’t have any cash. He said “If you don’t have anything to give me, that’s OK” and he high-tailed it out of there before I could answer. Weirdo.

Anyhow… I have a pretty quiet weekend to look forward to. Tomorrow, I’ll run something in the morning, and then in the afternoon, I have agreed to attend a Mary Kay party for a friend’s sister who’s trying to get into selling it. I made it pretty clear I won’t be buying anything, but I guess my friend’s sister has to do a certain number of “makeovers” or something so sure, I’ll let her spackle on some foundation.

Sunday, I might go to Cape Henlopen State Park and do an April Fool’s Challenge race. They don’t tell you the distance beforehand, and then they lead you through the woods, on the beach and on the paved trails and roads. It looks like fun, but every time I thought about doing it before, I wound up getting injured or something came up that kept me from being able to.

Then there’s the Martinsville race to watch, and then Clark’s parents are having us over for dinner that night to celebrate my birthday. I asked for salmon. I can’t wait!


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