A Simple Running Log

March 26, 2015

Training for 3/26/15

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Yesterday, I took Pepper out for an easy 3-miler. I didn’t feel like driving to the trail after all, so we just ran it on the road. Felt good to be out there again, and everything on me felt fine.

Pepper looked like he had a normal run and acted normal the rest of the evening as well, but this morning, he was limping around. It looked like he was favoring one of his front paws. I couldn’t see anything stuck in between the pads, so who knows.

About an hour ago, a neighbor’s dog wandered into the yard. Pepper went out and sprinted around with it for a while, looking totally fine. But then as soon as he came back inside, he was back to limping, and now he’s happily snoozing on the couch. I’m starting to wonder if this little con artist just doesn’t want to go for a run with me haha.

I’ve added another fall marathon to the list of maybes — the Anthem Richmond Marathon, Nov. 14, obviously in Richmond, Va. I’ve always heard very good things about this race, but for some reason I’ve never seriously considered doing it.

On the list of pros, it’s a Saturday morning race, which are great because then I don’t have to sit around all day Saturday worrying about how it’s going to go the next day; it’s a scenic course; it’s relatively inexpensive at “only” $85 through the end of this month; the super long runs will land in early fall instead of summer and the hilly Baltimore half marathon will fit in with training perfectly.

On the list of cons, it’s a big race (20,000 total in the half and full marathons, which partially share courses); it’s not terribly hilly but hilly enough that it makes me worry; and of course, it’s a little later in the fall than I normally prefer to run a marathon.


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