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March 25, 2015

Training for 3/25/15

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The last couple of days, I’ve been taking it easy. I haven’t done any running or strength training, but I have been enjoying replacing all those calories I burned off over the weekend!

I was a little sore Monday, but I felt 98 percent fine yesterday and now all the way back to normal today, other than where the chafing on my back has scabbed over and started to itch. I think I’ll take Pepper to the trail for a short run this afternoon, before school lets out so we don’t have to worry about running into any horny teenagers again.

Since Shamrock went so well, I’m already thinking about fall marathons (and the training that will go into them.) Right now I have four frontrunners, all within a reasonable driving distance:

Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon

Allentown, Pa.

Sept. 13


  • Week before our trip to Chicago for the NASCAR race, so I won’t have to worry about training runs while we’re there
  • Small field (about 2,500 runners in the marathon)
  • Flat and fast course


  • Training would start in May, so all the long runs will be in the hottest part of summer
  • $125 already; price goes up again in May

Steamtown Marathon

Oct. 11

Scranton, Pa.


  • I’ve run it before, so I know exactly what to expect (and that it’s awesome)
  • Very fast course that’s all downhill for the first eight miles
  • Small field
  • Registration hasn’t opened yet, but I think it was about $80 when I ran it in 2011
  • Backyard Ale House in Scranton’s beer list


  • One week before Baltimore Running Festival, where I wanted to run something, since it looks like several of my running friends are coming to town for it
  • I’d be in the middle of peak mileage in the training plan when we go to Chicago

Harrisburg Marathon

Nov. 8

Harrisburg, Pa.


  • Not really sure yet, because the web site has minimal info at the moment as they revamp it
  • Training would start July 6, so all the really long runs won’t start until late September/October, when it won’t be so hot
  • The week of the Baltimore Running Festival would be a 12-miler on the marathon training plan, which means a nice, hilly half marathon would fit in perfectly


  • Kinda late in the fall. I usually like to do a fall marathon earlier than this.

TowneBank Outer Banks Marathon

Nov. 8

Outer Banks, N.C.


  • Small field
  • Point-to-point course with a variety of scenery, through neighborhoods and along the coast
  • Has an 8K+marathon challenge like Shamrock, which I love
  • Reasonably priced at $85 until June 1
  • The Outer Banks
  • Longest training runs would be in cooler weather; training half marathon at Baltimore


  • Again, a little late in the year

I think it’ll probably come down between Steamtown and Outer Banks at this point. On the one hand, I’ve always wanted to do Steamtown again, but on the other, the timing works out better for the Outer Banks, and I haven’t been there in a long time so it would be nice to go back again. Not like I have to make a decision anytime soon, of course.


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