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March 19, 2015

Training for 3/19/15

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Guess who actually left the house right after breakfast to go in town and run intervals on the track today?


My old nemesis, the wind, was supposed to pick up again later in the morning (though not nearly as much as yesterday), so I got to the track while it was still just a very slight breeze. It was cold enough to need full-length tights, an earband and gloves again, but I really didn’t mind since it was so calm.

There were two people at the track when I got there, one in full military camo and the other in what looked like Army physical training gear. They were chitchatting when I walked in, but the one in PT gear started running laps almost immediately when they saw me.

There’s a Delaware National Guard armory not far from the track; I assumed the one in PT gear was either running his annual fitness test, or maybe he was a recruit getting ready for basic. The guy in camo sat on a bench on the outside edge of the frontstretch, timing the one running.

Anyway, I trotted off after the Army guy for my warm-up mile. He was hugging the very inside edge of the first lane, so every time I passed him, which was often, I had to swing around him into the second or third lane.

After my warm-up mile, I did the first of four 400-meter repeats. Realistically, I was looking for anything under 1:45, or 7:00/mile pace, but let’s be honest, even though it’s been who knows how long since I ran 400s, I wanted to be closer to 1:40 or better, like back when I used to run them regularly.

I felt like I was working pretty hard on the first repeat — not a good sign! It was a little disheartening to see all that effort had only resulted in a 1:43.

I did a recovery lap and then ran the second repeat. 1:44. Not getting better!

The Army guy was still running laps. As I came around the corner to finish the third repeat, the other guy, the one in camo running the stopwatch, started yelling something. I had my earbuds in and couldn’t tell if he was yelling at me or the other guy running, but I guess it took me back to basic training and lit a fire under my butt, because I finished that one in 1:41.

Another recovery lap, and then it was time for the last 400. As I was coming onto the backstretch, I could see the Army guy nearing the other end of it, heading into the final turn. I made it my goal to lap him one more time before I finished this last repeat.

Well, apparently that was also his final lap, because he started sprinting for the spot where the other guy was waiting with the stopwatch. I almost got him before he finished, but not quite. Still, that last repeat came in at 1:40, my best of the day.

As I did my final recovery lap, the Army guys left the stadium. I did two more miles to cool down, for a total of five miles.

And that’s it until the TowneBank Shamrock 8K on Saturday morning!


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