A Simple Running Log

March 18, 2015

Training for 3/18/15

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Today, it was too windy, in my pansy opinion, to run intervals at the track or on the road, so I took Pepper to the trail for a short run instead. It’s not supposed to be so windy tomorrow, so I’ll do them then.

Anyway, I was expecting a routine run around our standard 3-mile loop. I was happy to see zero cars in the parking lot when we pulled in, which usually means the trails are empty.

Well, they weren’t. First, there was a white work van parked ON the trail, just inside the woods, which was odd, to say the least. I have no clue what it was doing there. One guy, who was outside the van, jumped in the passenger’s seat and shut the door when he saw Pepper and me coming. There were no markings on the van, but there were a couple ladders on a rack on top of it.

About a half-mile later, not long after Pepper had found a giant stick to run with, we came up on hands-down the most awkward moment of my life running on trails.

Two teens, in the middle of the trail, dry humping. Dry. Humping. ON A PUBLIC TRAIL. Come on!

My first thought was “maybe Pepper and I can sneak by and they won’t even notice us!” because holy shit I did not want to even acknowledge their existence, let alone accidentally make eye contact with one of them or something. The secondhand embarrassment was burning!

Well, the inconsiderate jerks were pretty much taking up the entire trail, so that wasn’t going to work. I mustered up all my courage and said “Um… excuse us?”

Both heads snapped up and looked at me. The guy, who was on top, then noticed Pepper and the enormous stick hanging out of his mouth.

“OH MY GOD HE HAS A STICK.” The way he said it, you’d have thought a masked man with a loaded gun was coming at them instead of a tiny weimaraner who’s afraid of dead leaves blowing across the road toward his fancy little paws.

Well that made me laugh. I promised them Pepper wouldn’t hurt them, which of course, he didn’t. He just stared at them curiously as we made our way around them.

For some reason, I apologized to them, even though they were the ones making asses out of themselves. Get a room!

So that was weird. I was so worried about having to repeat that scene I took a different route back to the parking lot. Normally I’d run that section of trail twice.

On our way out of the woods, Pepper and I ran into four more people, all of whom had dogs, headed in the direction of the lovebirds. Hopefully they moved their little tryst somewhere more private, or they were about to get interrupted a lot more.

When we got back to the parking lot, the white van was gone too.


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