A Simple Running Log

March 13, 2015

Training for 3/13/15

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Wednesday accidentally became a rest day. I had an early assignment and didn’t feel like getting up to run before it. After the assignment, I met Meredith at Arundel Mills for a boozy lunch at DuClaw Brewing and a matinee showing of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

We both hate-read all three books and knew we’d find the movies unintentionally hysterical, which is why we waited for a Wednesday afternoon showing after the movie had been out for almost a month (and had a few beers beforehand.) On the one hand, the money I paid for my ticket is counted the same as the money paid by someone else who actually enjoyed the movie, but on the other hand, $7 to see this disaster on a huge movie screen and laugh my ass off with one of my best friends seemed like a pretty good time.

It was pretty bad. The lead actress wasn’t terrible, but holy shit the lead actor was a turd in that role. He’s Irish, and he wasn’t doing such a great job with the American accent. There was a line where he had to say the word “tarmac,” and it was just so garbled we couldn’t stop laughing. Why didn’t they just rewrite that line? And how many takes did they do before they got that “good” one?

I think the movie was even more ridiculous than the books. The books were written from the first-person point of view of the woman, and as cheesy as some of the internal dialogue was (she often mentioned how her “inner goddess” was responding to certain situations), it was kind of necessary. Without it, it was just a woman constantly biting her lip and a guy trying to look smoldering, I guess, but actually looking like he’d rather be anywhere but where he was.

The final scene of the movie was trying to be this big dramatic — but near-silent — climax, but I said something that made Meredith and me both giggle-snort until the credits finally started rolling haha. There was a surprising number of other people in the theater, so we were trying to suppress it until some music started playing or something. Fortunately, when the end credit music did finally start, we heard other people start laughing too, so I don’t think we ruined anyone else’s day.

It was a pretty fun afternoon! We’re both looking forward to making fun of the next two.

Anyway, I thought I might get home in time to run while it was still light out, thanks to Daylight Saving Time and all, but I wound up following Meredith back to her house to have one more beer with her. By the time I got home it was dark. Oh well.

Thursday, I worked from home all day. It was also a nice, sunny day, albeit a little on the windy side. For whatever reason, I just never went out to run. I did go upstairs and do strength training though, abs, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights.

Today, I took Pepper out for a short run around the 4.5-mile loop. I signed us up for the St. Patrick’s Day 5K in Denton tomorrow morning. There’s a 95 percent chance of pouring rain, which Pepper is going to hate, but guess what? I already paid for it, so we’re doing it. He’ll live.

Today’s run was pretty easy, but there were plenty of things for Pepper to freak out about, like two people picking up trash alongside the road, other dogs and, scariest of all, the last itty bitty remaining pile of snow. He gave that thing a very wide berth haha.

So, as for this weekend. I’ve got the aforementioned 5K tomorrow morning, and then I’d like to get in a run Sunday. Outside of running, we have a pretty full schedule. We’re going with Mike to Dogfish Head in Rehoboth tonight, where they’ve got a rather loaded tap with some interesting-sounding beers. Tomorrow after the 5K, Clark and I have tickets to Dogfish Head’s Weekend of Compelling Ales and Whatnot at the brewery in Milton, the same tasting event we’ve gone to the last few years. In the evening, we’re going with Mike back to Denton for the pub’s St. Patrick’s Day block party, where they’re serving their first in-house beer. And Sunday, if we’re still alive, we’re going to Annapolis to celebrate Samira’s birthday.


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