A Simple Running Log

March 10, 2015

Training for 3/10/15

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Today was another looooong day of boring meetings (I hate budget season), and it was supposed to be raining by the time I’d get out, so I got my run in first thing.

Stupid Daylight Saving Time messed up my nice bright mornings. It was pitch black when I left to run, so I had to take my headlamp.

It had also cooled down to just above freezing overnight, so I had to break out the tights and gloves and crap again. I know March 10 is too early to expect to be in permanent shorts-and-T-shirt weather, but it still sucked to put all that on again.

Anyway, since I ran the 6-miler that was on today’s schedule yesterday, I did the 4-miler today that had been on yesterday’s. I did that on purpose because I knew there was no way I’d get up in time to run 6 before work.

In spite of all my pissing and moaning about the darkness and the cold, it was a decent little easy run.

I came straight home after my last meeting was over, 100 percent expecting to find dog poop in the back room, as usual. Much to my delight, when I opened the back door, there was NO POOP! It smelled like there was, but that’s because Pepper farts all day. I don’t have to clean up farts though, so who cares! Fart away, Pepper!

I was so freaking happy to not have to clean up poop, I was whooping and telling Pepper what a good boy he was, which got him so excited, he peed on my foot haha. Oh well!


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