A Simple Running Log

March 3, 2015

Training for 3/3/15

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Today, I have a very full slate of meetings to cover — usual Tuesday morning meeting that lasted until noon, a three-hour budget hearing that starts in an hour and the school board meeting tonight — so I got in a run at sunrise.

I wanted it to be warmer than it is, because it’s March 3, so I didn’t wear compression shorts under my tights. I should have worn compression shorts under my tights. My butt froze. Stupid winter.

Other than that though, it was a decent little easy run. Not much else to say about it.

Oh! This was making the rounds on Facebook this morning, a Buzzfeed list of “19 bars in America you should drink at before you die.”

No. 14 on the list was… Seacrets in Ocean City, Md. This was the picture in the list:

pee bar

Looks fun, right? Chilling out in a lagoon in the sun, drinking?

Well, friends, I have been in that lagoon in July — once, and only because one of Clark’s old friends from college who he hadn’t seen in a while asked us to meet him there — and let me tell you, I can still smell the steaming piss water. Where do you think all those heavily-drinking half-wet people are peeing, hmm? Do you think they’re bothering to get out of the water, towel off, put on shoes and wait in line for the bathroom? No, they’re just letting it fly right where they are. The smell is the worst right at the shoreline.

Pee bar aside, Seacrets is the worst anyway. It’s full of stupid tourists who’ve been led to believe this is “the” spot in Ocean City. It’s always packed asses to elbows with drunk idiots. I have never had a good time there, not even back when I was 21 and drinking in bars was new and exciting. Seacrets sums up everything I hate about the beach towns in the summer.

Out of curiosity, I Facebook searched the name of the person who submitted Seacrets to this list. Only one person with that name came up, and she’s 24 and lives in northern Texas, not far from the craphole where I went to tech school. It doesn’t surprise me she would describe that festering cesspool as “very low-key, but a super cool place.”

It’s gross, it smells and you’re guaranteed to get an overpriced frozen drink spilled on you. Go anywhere else.

And that’s my rant for the day!


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