A Simple Running Log

March 2, 2015

Training for 3/2/15

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It’s March! Though it still pretty much feels like February.

Anyway, I had a decent weekend of running. I was feeling better by Friday afternoon, but I just did some yoga at home instead of trying to run.

Saturday was my first run since coming down with something the previous Tuesday evening. It was still really cold. Big surprise. I layered up and went out for a lap around the 5.5-mile loop, figuring if I started to feel crappy again I could just turn around and go home.

I started to get a bit of a headache in the first mile, but it quickly went away once I made a turn and was no longer running head-on into the wind. God I hate cold wind.

The rest of the run was decent. I’d worn my new 1400v2s, and wasn’t struck by intense back pain after the run, which means whatever happened to me after I ran in them Tuesday was completely unrelated to the shoes, thankfully.

That afternoon, Clark, Pepper and I went to the beach. Last Sunday, Clark went surfing, and an entire fin box was ripped off the bottom of our newest board. Not just the fin itself, like what happened to my paddleboard last summer, but the piece that the fin screws into.

He’d found a surf shop that could replace the fin box. He was hoping by some miracle the original fin and fin box had washed up on the beach over the past week, so we stopped at Indian River first to look for it.

There were huge snow drifts on the dune crossing, but on the beach itself, there were only large chunks of ice littered about.

ice chunks

Clark walked down the debris line and then back up the beach closer to the water looking for the fin, Pepper flitting around him the whole way.

looking for the fin

pepper leaping

pepper flying

I love this picture, but I hate being on the receiving end of the huge spray of sand his front paws kick up! I don’t know why he does that.

No fin. We trudged back through the drifts over the dunes to get back to the Jeep.

drifts over dunes

The surf shop was in Ocean City. We stopped at the beach house on the way through Fenwick to see if the canal had frozen over. It had.

frozen canal

And here’s the house’s side deck, drifted over in snow. Note who’s still tearing around at top speed haha.

beach house

We dropped off the surf board and went home. That evening, we went to my parents’ house for dinner to celebrate my older sister’s birthday.

Dave and Kasey brought Kaylee, who got to meet Aunt Debbie for the first time:

aunt debbie and kaylee

And here’s Dave and Kasey with their now 6-week-old kid:

dave kasey and kaylee

Dinner was good. Even better was my dad’s story about some neighbors walking through the snow, many years ago, to steal parts off my uncle’s 1969 Firebird, which was being stored in a barn on one of our family farms. (Aunt Debbie lives on that farm now, but at the time, the house hadn’t been lived in for years and was falling apart.) I can’t even remember why my dad started telling the story, but the image of a set of footprints leading from one house in the middle of a field to another house in the middle of a field and then back to the first house, through the snow, was cracking up my sisters, mom and me. Real criminal masterminds! Dad was getting upset we weren’t taking his story seriously and threatened to stop. We promised to stop laughing.

The next line was, “The sheriff showed up and said ‘Give me a couple hours and I think I can solve this–‘” and we just lost it again. A couple of hours! Seemed like a bit of an open and shut case to me haha.

Then Dad told us how he’d cleared some neighbors’ lanes after the most recent snow last Thursday and he was “still suffering from hypothermia.” Like it’s a viral infection. I love my dad, but he comes up with some goofy shit.

Yesterday morning, we woke up to… more snow! My favorite! It was switching over to freezing rain by the time I left the house for a short run. The roads were starting to get slick, but they weren’t too bad yet, so I did a slow lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I had ice crusted over on the cuffs of my jacket when I got back.

After my run, I went in town to get some stuff from Walmart to make chicken tikka masala in the Crock Pot. There were Girl Scouts selling cookies in the freezing rain, so of course I had to buy two boxes from them.

At home, I got the Crock Pot going and we watched the NASCAR race from Atlanta which, unfortunately, Jimmie stupid Johnson won. (On a related note, I saw on Facebook this morning an old guy who’d commented on a post about Jimmie’s win calling him “puke face” haha. What worked in third grade still works today.) Jeff Gordon got wrecked again. He’s still behind Bobby in the points standings, even though Bobby didn’t even race yesterday. This final Drive for Five has gotten off to a rocky start.

Today, Clark got up early to do strength training before work, so I got my run done while he was still home. As a bonus, I also got my run done before the wind picked up in the late morning. I did another easy lap around the 5.5-mile loop.

Finally, since it’s now March, I have to do my February summary.


  • Week 1 (Feb. 1-7): 30.9 miles
  • Week 2 (Feb. 8-14): 31.1
  • Week 3 (Feb. 15-21): 24
  • Week 4 (Feb. 22-28): 21.5

Total: 107.5 miles

Winter continued to kick my ass! So many skipped or shortened runs because my face can’t handle record-breaking cold, howling wind and icy roads. Oh well. The last three times I’ve tried to train for a marathon, I’ve been injured at this point, or just coming back from one. This time I’m not injured, just undertrained! Progress?

I still haven’t run any races this year, but that’s about to change of course. The Shamrock 8K and marathon are coming up in less than three weeks now. I’m also thinking about taking Pepper to a 5K in Denton on March 14. There’s a separate “lucky dog” division that I have a feeling he’ll own if I’m not too terribly slow.


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