A Simple Running Log

February 25, 2015

Training for 2/25/15

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Man, something went haywire on me last night after I got back from my run, and I still don’t feel right today.

I had an evening meeting to cover for the paper, so I got in the shower right after I got home from my run. I noticed I had a bit of a headache before I got in the shower, but I didn’t think it was anything to worry about.

After my shower, I was absolutely starving, so I made myself some eggs before I had to leave. Sitting on the couch eating them, I could feel every muscle in my torso — back and front — tightening up, and my stomach got queasy. In about an hour, I’d gone from finishing up a 10.5-mile run feeling great to feeling like I had a terrible flu working on me.

I stayed home from the meeting. Clark set me up on the couch with my heating pad on my back and his nice heavy Jeff Gordon blanket. I have never felt my back tighten up like it did last night. Everything hurt, and the only thing that made it feel any better was when Clark basically put his whole weight on my back.

He had to do the grocery shopping last night, so he went to Walmart. I felt even worse by the time he got back, and was really worried I was going to puke. Then “The Mindy Project” came on — the main character on that show just found out she’s pregnant, and one of the running themes of the entire episode was her morning sickness and the BEDAZZLED BARF BUCKET she had to carry around haha. Of all the nights! It was hard to watch, because every time she’d puke in her barf bucket, my stomach would be all “Hey, that’s a great idea!” I kept tasting those eggs in my mouth too, which wasn’t helping.

Meanwhile, Clark made a freaking awesome dinner of steak with mushrooms and garlic spinach. I got all the spinach down, but only about three bites of steak until my stomach let me know if I took one more, it was pushing the eject button. I went to bed after dinner.

This morning, I still felt sore from the waist up when I woke up, but overall I felt quite a bit better. I ate a normal breakfast and took Pepper with me to the office and then to the DMV to renew my car registration. But by the time I got done at the DMV, I felt like crap again. I was really hungry but nothing sounded appealing and my stomach felt iffy again, so I stopped at a Rite Aid and got some ginger ale and Saltines, came home and set myself up on the couch again.

So, no running today! And it’s supposed to snow again tonight and get really bitterly cold here again tomorrow and Friday. Awesome. Get out of here, February. You suck.

I really don’t know what happened. Normally I’d suspect my new shoes, but everything from my hips down felt fine, which is where I’d expect to feel a problem with shoes, not only in my back. Maybe my body is just that completely over running in this stupid cold weather. Who knows. I just hope I feel better tomorrow.


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