A Simple Running Log

February 24, 2015

Training for 2/24/15

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Today was a pretty good day!

Even though it was still bitterly cold, the wind had eased up, so I ran the 10-miler on the schedule. I just happened to check the side steps before I got dressed, and found a UPS driver had snuck up unnoticed and left these for me:


These are the New Balance 1400v2! Unfortunately, they didn’t make a glow-in-the-dark version like the pair of original 1400s I’ve been wearing for more than a year. But I let that slide because I only paid $9 for a pair of shoes that originally cost $100. Seemed like an OK deal!

I wore them on my run and immediately liked them. I was hoping they’d work out for the Shamrock Marathon in a few weeks, and I think they’ll do just fine.

My blisters weren’t bothered by them either. They were feeling a lot better after not running yesterday anyway, but the new shoes didn’t reaggravate them.

The run itself was decent. About four miles from the end, I ran into an older woman out walking her two dogs. She and I got to talking about the people we’d run into walking and running on the road, and I told her about the only time I’d ever felt threatened, when that weird old creeper from Sharptown stopped and asked me what I’d do if he tried to pick me up the next time he saw me. As soon as I said he was from Sharptown, she knew exactly who I was talking about. Apparently he’s weirded her out before too, to the point where she wouldn’t go walking without her husband for a while. Now the old creeper has gout so bad he barely leaves the house so she doesn’t worry about him anymore. Screw that guy! I hadn’t thought about him in a long time, but that just got me pissed off at him all over again.

Anyway… when I got home, I checked the mail, and my March installment from the Lip Balm of the Month Club arrived! This month’s flavor is black raspberry!

And finally, today the Shamrock organizers posted pictures of this year’s medals. I don’t know why I get so excited about the medals, because all of mine are just in a shoebox in a closet, but I love them.

Here’s the 8K medal I’ll get Saturday:

2015 8K medalAnd the marathon medal I’ll get Sunday:

2015 marathon medal

And finally, if I can hobble just a little farther past the finish line, the Whale Challenge medal:

2015 whale challenge medal

And then to the beer tent!


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