A Simple Running Log

February 16, 2015

Training for 2/16/15

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It has gotten ridiculously cold here, and I’m not even ashamed of how much running I haven’t been doing because of it. This isn’t normal for this area and I’m not cut out for this.

Friday was a real peach of a day. Factoring in the 30 mph wind, it felt like it was in the single digits outside. I just did strength training downstairs with the adjustable dumbbells. Other than when I had to go in town to pick up a prescription, I didn’t leave the house.

Saturday was the closest thing to a decent day we got all weekend. It was a little above freezing, and the wind was “only” blowing at 17 to 20 mph. I did 10.1 miles at an 8:49/mile pace. I planned my route to avoid the wind as much as possible, but there were a few miles in the middle where I had to face it, and I was not a happy camper.

Saturday was, of course, also Valentine’s Day. I went in town and got two bottles of pinot noir, a pint of raw oysters and a huge chunk of sushi-grade tuna to make tacos with guacamole, and Clark and I had a nice little dinner at home while we watched the Sprint Unlimited, the first (non-points) race of the season. It was a decent race, though 75 percent of the 25-car field wrecked to some degree. Matt Kenseth won.

We stayed up late enough to polish off both bottles of wine as well as most of the beer that was already in the house. When the race was over, we cranked up some music. I can’t dance so I headbang haha. When I woke up yesterday, I felt like crap and my neck hurt like hell.

On top of my physical maladies, the weather was as awful as it’d been Friday, if not worse. The temperatures had dropped and the wind picked up again. Actually, it must have been worse, because the water line in the hall bathroom started to freeze, which I have never seen before. Clark got it moving again though.

So no, there was no running yesterday, just lying around on the couch trying to stay warm and watching Daytona 500 qualifying. Speaking of which, that was a shit show! Bobby Labonte’s first appearance in a race car since Indy last summer, and this is what happened two seconds in:


He’s in the No. 32 car in the bottom right corner. He got caught up in the accident created by Reed Sorenson in the No. 44, but Clint Bowyer, in the No. 15, was right to blame it more on NASCAR for coming up with this stupid “knockout” qualifying format. Bottom line, it works on non-restrictor plate tracks where drafting is not so much of a priority, but not at Daytona and Talladega, where it is. And what’s even dumber about doing this for the Daytona 500 in particular is that they were only setting the front row yesterday — everyone else’s best lap times would just determine where they start in the Bud Duels on Thursday night, after which they’ll set the rest of the starting lineup. So Bobby just wrecked his primary car qualifying for the qualifying race for the main race. If that doesn’t sound like it makes sense, it’s because it doesn’t!

Even better, the two guys who did run the two fastest laps in the final round and won the front row were… Jeff Gordon and Jimmie stupid Johnson. My old nemesis and my current one! While Bobby’s car sat wrecked. It was like 2005 all over again.

Today, it’s just as damn cold, but the wind is about as calm as it’s going to get, so I’m going to get in the 5-miler on the schedule this afternoon. Pepper will have to sit this one out though. Tonight, we’re supposed to get somewhere between 4 and 12 inches of snow, depending on which forecast you look at. Fingers crossed this turns out like the last “big storm” and we just have a little dusting when I wake up tomorrow.


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