A Simple Running Log

February 12, 2015

Training for 2/12/15

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Well, that big nasty combo platter of dog poop and puke I found in the utility room when I came home from work Tuesday afternoon sent the message Pepper was hoping for. I’ve been too scared to leave him home alone to stick to my training schedule since then!

I was planning on a 10-miler yesterday and 5 miles of hill repeats on the Sharptown bridge today, both workouts I’d have had to do without Pepper. What I wound up doing was just a lap around the 5.5-mile loop both days, with him. He wasn’t too excited about running three days in a row, but you know what? I get even less excited by the memory of what that room looked like Tuesday afternoon, so he had to suck it up.

Yesterday was a nice, sunny day. Today, it was starting to rain lightly when we left, and by halfway through it had switched to a light fluffy snow that wasn’t sticking to anything. So, a couple of decent days for this time of year.

This afternoon, after our run, I took a lasagna over to Dave and Kasey’s house. Dave wasn’t home, but I got to spend a couple hours with Kasey and my niece. Apparently Aunt Abby has a magic touch! I held and bounced Kaylee the whole time I was there and she mostly just slept or made funny faces. Or farted haha. Kasey said she and Dave have been dealing with about four straight hours of ear-shattering crying every night for the past couple of weeks, and she was so happy to get a couple of quiet hours while someone else held the baby, she told me I can come over anytime. I’m pretty sure I just stopped by at a lucky time though.

This decent winter weather is on its way out, unfortunately. It’s supposed to really get cold tonight, and tomorrow will be very windy with wind chill values that only get into the single digits. I’ll have to leave Pepper at home if I run anyway since it’ll be so cold, so I’ll see how brave I’m feeling and maybe try to run the second 10-miler on this week’s schedule. It all really depends on what direction the wind is blowing and if I can come up with a route that keeps me out of it head-on as much as possible.

Saturday should be warmer, closer to 40 degrees, but then Sunday is supposed to get really cold again. At least there’s no real snow included in the forecast.


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