A Simple Running Log

February 10, 2015

Training for 2/10/15

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Saturday, I took my rest day and didn’t run. I didn’t do much of anything really, and Clark and I stayed in that night.

Sunday was really nice, clear and sunny and it got up into the mid 60s. However, I was home alone with Pepper in the morning, as Clark had some stuff to get done at work before he left for a business trip the next morning. I’d had to clean up dog poop twice Friday — first after I got back from my run in the morning, and again when we got back from a brewery that night — and I really didn’t feel like cleaning up any more. So I took Pepper with me, and just did the 5.5-mile loop.

It was a perfect day for a run! Pepper didn’t have to wear his dork jacket and I got to wear shorts. Shorts!

When Clark got home, we drove down to the beach so he could go surfing again. It wasn’t as warm there as it was here at home, only in the mid 40s, but it was a lot warmer than it was when we were there a week earlier. Of course, the water was just as cold as it’d been the time before, so I didn’t go in. I just looked for shells on the beach while Pepper darted all over the place.

Yesterday, I got up just after 4 a.m. to drive Clark to work, to meet a couple coworkers who were flying with him to Memphis. I had trouble getting back to sleep after I got home, and then, naturally, I had trouble getting up and getting moving later. Yesterday turned into another rest day.

Today, I planned to get in the short easy run on the schedule before my usual Tuesday morning meeting, but there was a freezing rain coming down when I got up to feed Pepper. Everything outside was coated in a layer of ice — Pepper fell down and then back up the back steps when he went out after his breakfast haha. Running on an ice-coated road in the dark sounded like a terrible idea, so I did some strength training for the first time in a few weeks.

I definitely made the right decision! When I left the house to leave for work, it took forever just to pick my way down the ice-covered side steps and across the ice-covered driveway to the garage, which was also iced over, including the door. It was hard to hip check it without slipping. I finally got the damn thing open. The road itself wasn’t too bad, but I got stuck behind every slow-moving toadstool between home and Denton. It took forever to get there.

I was anticipating another round of dog poop when I got home from work. Pepper had refused to stay out in the freezing rain after his breakfast any longer than he needed to pee, and his butt was firing warning shots the whole time I was trying to work out, which smelled amazing, by the way.

So I wasn’t surprised at all to find turds on the floor when I opened the door, but I was surprised to find the ENORMOUS PUDDLE OF VOMIT. A fun addition! That Pepper, he’s always so full of wacky twists!

He’s lucky it was so cold today, or he’d have had to stay out until dinner, not just as long as it took me to flush all his poop down the toilet (and plunge the toilet when one of his enormous horse turds clogged it, naturally) and shop vac up all the puke. Dogs are the best.

I was seriously pissed at him, but I took him with me on my run this afternoon anyway, after it warmed up and the ice melted, mostly because I really didn’t want to risk having to clean up more poop.

It was a little breezy for my tastes, but the roads were totally clear, so I got over it. Pepper and I did 4.5 miles together and were friends again by the time we got back home. I even gave the little shit a treat.


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