A Simple Running Log

February 6, 2015

Training for 2/6/15

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Well, the wind had died this morning, but the temperature was down to 16 degrees. It was supposed to warm up to the mid-30s this afternoon, but the wind was also supposed to pick up again (not like yesterday though.) I chose frigid but calm over warmer but windy, and got my run in right after breakfast again.

Since it was so cold, I didn’t take Pepper with me, which meant he had to hang out alone in the utility room. I only had 6 miles on the schedule though, so it wouldn’t take long.

I layered up and headed out. The temperature was OK when I was in the sun, but it got uncomfortably cold in the shade.

My legs were a little tired from the last couple days’ runs, but they felt OK by the time I was about halfway through. It was a pretty routine run.

I got home to find… dog poop on the floor. Seriously. I was gone less than an hour, and that vindictive little butthead pooped all over the floor. Clark said he had seen Pepper poop outside after breakfast too.

So I got to clean up poop, my favorite! The whole time I was scrubbing the floor, I could hear Pepper whining at the back door, desperate to get in. Then when I let him in, he was happy for about 30 seconds before he started whining to go back out. Some days I think he’s trolling me.

Anyway… as far as the weekend goes, I have a 12-mile long run and a rest day on the schedule. Other than that, we don’t really have any plans.


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