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January 30, 2015

Training for 1/30/15

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Gah, winter can SUCK IT.

I don’t know why, but I just have not been able to muster up the willpower to get my butt out the door and face the weather the last couple of days. Yesterday wasn’t even that bad, since the wind had temporarily died, but I still couldn’t do it. And then today it’s blowing so hard again I can hear it whistling under the eaves all around the house and the trees in the back yard look like they’re going to break off and blow away… nope nope nope.

So yes, I’ve done absolutely nothing since I last posted two days ago. Zero things! Hopefully I can get in a couple of decent runs this weekend. We have no plans, other than going to finally see Dave and Kasey and the new baby tomorrow or Sunday, and watching the Super Bowl on Sunday night. No excuses — unless it’s still windy haha. No, I need to stop being a pansy. Shamrock is only eight weeks away, after all.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m noticing lately a lot of people who are leaving a space between the last word of a sentence and an exclamation mark, and it’s quickly skyrocketed to the very top of my list of pet peeves, right up there with radio DJs who talk over the intro of songs and stupid drivers who come to a complete stop in a merge lane.

Like this, from the latest cooking column written by a local woman I edit for the paper every week:

“A smearing of pink icing on each cookie with white sprinkles is quite attractive and quite tasty !”

I DON’T GET THIS. I also don’t get why we’re paying her to “write” this drivel (it’s just throwaway commentary tacked on to simple recipes.) But I really don’t get this new trend of leaving that space. I don’t see it with any other punctuation, just the exclamation mark. What is it about the exclamation mark that people think it needs some extra room?

And while I’m at it, this one isn’t nearly as prevalent, but it also makes me twitch: When people use the totally nonexistent possessive form of I, as in, “Today is my uncle and I’s birthday.” That is not a word!! That should say “Today is my uncle’s and my birthday.” I blame this one on people like my Aunt Helen, who has a knee-jerk reaction to the phrase “my friend and me,” even when that’s correct. It was so sweet the first time she interrupted me to say “My friend and who?” and I got to triumphantly explain why I was right and she was wrong, and then she had to sit there in her wrongness and think about why she was so wrong.

Switching gears again. Two nights ago, Clark and I went to Dogfish Head to celebrate his birthday, and we got talking about Sweetie Pie’s retirement announcement. I mentioned we should probably buy my uncle’s Richmond tickets at least once this year, since it’ll be Sweetie Pie’s last time racing there most likely, and Clark said you know, there are a lot of tracks we can easily drive to, maybe we should try to hit up as many as possible. He also said he’d want to go to Miami again if Sweetie Pie makes it to the final round of the Chase.

So yesterday, I made a list of all the NASCAR races we could conceivably drive to, plus Chicago, since we’ve already settled on that as our destination race, and Miami. It’s a pretty healthy list:

March 1 — Atlanta

March 29 — Martinsville

April 19 — Bristol

April 25 — Richmond

May 16 — Charlotte (All-Star race)

May 24 — Charlotte (Coke 600)

May 31 — Dover

June 7 — Pocono

Aug. 2 — Pocono

Aug. 22 — Bristol

Sept. 6 — Darlington

Sept. 12 — Richmond


Sept. 20 — Chicago

Oct. 4 — Dover

Oct. 10 — Charlotte

Nov. 1 — Martinsville

Nov. 22 — Miami

Both Dover races are a “duh,” of course. There’s no way we’ll go to all 17 races on this list, but I’d like to get to at least Pocono, Richmond, Martinsville and Charlotte this year. For Sweetie Pie!

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