A Simple Running Log

January 28, 2015

Training for 1/28/15

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Guess whose birthday it is today?

clark ready to party

It’s Clark’s! He’s 32 today.

For some reason, my mom has always thought his birthday is Jan. 18. Which is now my niece’s birthday. So I guess my mom will just be even more confused next year haha.

Anyway, Clark and I are going to Rehoboth to celebrate tonight. I wanted to do as much as I could to ensure we wouldn’t come home later to dog turds in the utility room. So, even though it was a tad colder than I would normally make Pepper run in, I took him with me for a lap around the 4.5-mile loop.

He took this toy with him, a big plush bone that had an unraveling rope trailing off the one end. As we ran along, larger and larger chunks of neon green rope came off and blew away in the wind. By the end of the second mile, there were about two little strings still clinging to it.

It was a pretty routine run. (And a successful one — he took a dump before we were even a half-mile from home. Score!) Until, right before we got to the end of the route, some assclown driving a huge Ford work truck, an F-450 cab with a utility body, came barreling right toward us. There’s not really a shoulder on that road, but there is a very clearly painted white line, and Pepper and I were on the left side of it, facing oncoming traffic, on the little sliver of pavement between it and the edge, as the truck approached. It seemed to be giving us plenty of space until it was almost to us, when it fucking swerved right for us. I grabbed Pepper and pulled him off the road into a mud puddle as I watched the truck’s tires come right to the white line.

I’d like to think the driver was just distracted or didn’t see us, and that he didn’t intentionally steer for us, but that was a little too coincidental. It’s not the first time I’ve stepped off the road to give more room to a driver who didn’t seem to notice me, but it’s the first time I felt like I’d have definitely gotten creamed had I been running the other direction on that side of the road and the driver had come up from behind me.

Normally the most I’ll do to acknowledge a passing car on the road is wave at the driver, but this time I stopped in my tracks, turned and held up a middle finger while I let fly a nice string of obscenities. Moron.

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