A Simple Running Log

January 23, 2015

Training for 1/23/15

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Today, I slogged through a pretty crappy run. The first few miles, my legs felt heavy and clunky. But by the time they finally loosened up, my stomach was up to its usual tricks. I only had to stop in the woods once, around 3.5 miles, but the rest of the way, I kept having to stop to walk off nausea. I don’t know what the deal was.

I made myself do the entire 9.5-mile loop I’d set out for though, and boy am I glad I didn’t take a shortcut home, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been there when, two miles from the end, some old guy in a blue Ford pickup pulled up and told me I was the prettiest deer he’d seen out there this season. Now that’s a compliment.

Anyhow… 9.5 crappy miles in the books.

I’m not sure how much running will get done this weekend. Tomorrow, we’re doing a bachelorette thing for Julie, starting with a spa in the morning/early afternoon — I’m getting a massage, hell yeah! — and then going back to her house for a slumber party. I might try to get in a few miles before I meet everyone to go to the spa, or I might just sleep in.

Sunday, it depends on the surf report whether or not I stay around here to get in a run. If the waves are decent, we’ll probably go to the beach.

I’m hoping to get to meet my new niece sometime this weekend too. They got home from Baltimore last night. I told Dave to let me know when they’re feeling up for visitors.

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