A Simple Running Log

January 21, 2015

Training for 1/21/15

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Well, when I got home from work yesterday, I didn’t get around to taking Pepper to the trail for a short run (he didn’t seem too broken up about it) and when Clark got home, we didn’t get around to doing any strength training.

But this morning, we got up early enough to do the strength training before work. We did another session from that surf workout app on Clark’s phone. The exercises are all pretty simple, and you don’t need much equipment to do them, but stacked up one after the other for more than an hour, it adds up. I was toast at the end.

I still wanted to run today though. It looked pretty nice out this morning. Of course, I kept putting it off. When I finally got my butt in gear, it was snowing and the wind was blowing.

I had an easy 9 miles on the schedule. It wasn’t too cold, but the first mile, I was running into the wind and even though I had on a baseball hat, the huge snowflakes were darting right into my eyes. It stung like hell! I think I’ve worn Oakleys in the past while running in the snow, but I didn’t think about it today until it was too late, and I didn’t feel like going back for them.

Fortunately, I made a turn onto another road after the first mile, and the wind was no longer blowing the snow directly into my face. It wasn’t bad at all after that.

However, the farther I got from my own road, which is relatively busy and therefore had zero snow sticking to it, the slicker the back roads got, and I was just wearing regular shoes, not my trail shoes. I was running through the swamp past the ferry when my foot almost slipped out from under me for the first time.

So I cut the run short to the 7.3-mile loop and walked whenever it got slippery. Of course, by the time I got home, the snow was ending. I thought about doing a quick out-and-back to tack on those two missing miles, but the house was right there and I really wanted a hot shower.

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