A Simple Running Log

January 20, 2015

Training for 1/20/15

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This morning, I got up early to get in a short run before my usual Tuesday meeting. It was below freezing again, but the wind was blowing at an agreeable 0 mph, my favorite!

I left about a half hour before sunrise, when the sky was starting to lighten up to the east. It was really pretty — the first light of the day, the frost on everything, the custom-made light-up woodpecker-on-a-palm tree still glowing in the neighbor’s front yard. I really need to try to get a picture of that thing. I thought it was a Christmas decoration, but it’s still there almost a month later, so who knows. It’s bizarre though.

Anyway, I did an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. Since I never got around to that 3-miler yesterday, and today’s supposed to be the nicest day all week, I might go home early enough to take Pepper to the trail. It’s been a long time since he ran with me. I don’t think he’s gone once this year, it’s been so damn cold. Then Clark wants to do some more strength training tonight.

Last night, I got a couple picture messages from Aunt Helen, who went up to Baltimore with Mom to see Kaylee. Jealous! But it sounds like everyone is recovering from this past weekend, though Kasey was still on antibiotics for a fever yesterday.

Aunt Helen and her new grandniece.

Aunt Helen and her new grandniece.

And my mom with her new granddaughter.

And my mom with her new granddaughter.

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