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January 5, 2015

Training for 1/5/14

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Saturday, I ran the 8.3-mile loop in 1:10:something, an 8:30/mile pace. We also took down and put away all the Christmas decorations, so now it’s just… winter. Boo.

That evening, we went to Mike’s to watch the Ravens-Steelers game. These are always fun because Mike and I are Ravens fans, while Clark likes the Steelers. The Ravens won, and Clark had to use his stupid Terrible Towel to dry his tears instead of celebrating a win.

terrible towel


I only gloated a little.

So the Steelers are out and the Ravens probably will be too after they play the Patriots next weekend, but you never know!

Sunday, instead of doing my long run (of course!) I did an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop right after breakfast, and then Clark and I went surfing.

It was an unseasonably warm day here for January, in the low to mid 60s. Of course, the water is still cold, but we have all the wetsuits, boots, hoods and gloves to be out in it this time of year.

Clark wanted to get a surf tag for the Jeep at a bait and tackle store near Millsboro, so we took the Woodland Ferry. I think this was Pepper’s first time on the ferry, though he’s run past it with me plenty of times.

Crossing the Nanticoke River.

Crossing the Nanticoke River.

Clark is convinced the ferry was named for Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon, but Tina Fallon was actually a longtime state legislator from Seaford.

Clark is convinced the ferry was named for Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon, but Tina Fallon was actually a longtime state legislator from Seaford.



We got the surf tag, which will allow us to drive the Jeep on state beaches, but only for surf fishing, so we have to get a surf fishing pole and stick it in the sand when we’re there… yeah, I don’t get it either. Clark’s coworker told him lots of people do that, who want to drive on the beach but not necessarily fish.

When we got to the beach, we stopped at a few surf shops to look for a specific new board Clark was interested in. We found it at the last shop we tried in Ocean City. It’s a Channel Islands “Average Joe” board. It’s supposed to be a more “laid back” board for experienced surfers, easy to paddle out and catch any waves, as well as a great board for beginners like myself to finally freaking catch a wave at all! Some of the online reviews claimed it was impossible not to catch a wave on it. I told Clark clearly those reviewers had never met me.

The one we got is only 5’5″ long, considerably shorter than any of the other boards we already had. The shop where we bought it had a special going, as those boards are super popular at the moment, and threw in four fins, an extra “trailer” fin in case we want to change the fin setup, a leash and three different blocks of wax, including a base coat and waxes for cool or cold water.

We went back to the beach house in Fenwick and suited up, then drove into Ocean City and parked at 142nd Street. When we walked out to the beach, it was deserted. Imagine that!

Since we had Pepper with us, we had to take turns going out. I went first.

Before I went out, I inserted a “sinus saver” — nose plugs that go in the nostrils to form a seal to keep out water, as opposed to the cheap clip-style nose plugs that just try to hold the nostrils shut. It felt weird at first, but I’ll try anything to prevent the usual gallons of water from getting crammed up my nose.

Anyway, I picked up the new Average Joe board, which was nearly ripped out of my hands almost immediately by the wind, which was absolutely howling up the beach from the south. I stomped out and right into the water, which almost immediately tried to rip my feet out from under me, the current was moving so fast.

The ocean really was not cooperating yesterday! The waves were decent, if you could get to them, but the wind and the current were just knocking me over before I even had a chance. I thrashed around for a little while before I went back up to the beach and told Clark to go out first instead, and then I’d give it another try.

Clark was able to paddle the new board out at least, but he didn’t get a chance to try much else. It was just so choppy and windy. The current had washed him down a few blocks by the time he got out.

When he got back to us, I gave him Pepper’s leash, put the sinus saver back in and gave it another go. That time I was able to paddle out past the breakers at least. Then I tried to get in position to catch a wave.

Haha… no dice. I just wound up getting rolled, like I always do. The only exposed skin on me was my face, and the second the water hit it, it almost knocked me loopy for a second, it was so unbelievably cold. Plus, those damn nose plugs came out! One side was still barely hanging in my nostril when I came up. I don’t want to say how much Clark paid for that little bit of plastic, but it was enough I felt like I had to save it.

I pinched it between my thumb and index finger, but that made it impossible to paddle and since I was wearing thick gloves I couldn’t feel if I still had a hold of it. So I just bit it between my teeth. Yeah, it’d been first in my nose and then in the ocean, but like I said — too expensive to just throw out to sea!

By that point I was right where the waves were breaking on me, and I couldn’t seem to get myself straight to paddle back out. So that was enough.

I hauled myself out of the ocean and then fought against the wind to walk back to Pepper and Clark. Clark gave me some props for at least being able to paddle out that time! And I managed to hold on to the sinus saver through all of it. We’ll see if I do any better on that board when it’s not so rough out there.

Clark went out twice more, first with his own board and then with the new one again, and then we loaded the Jeep up and headed back to the house. I was absolutely freezing by the time we got back there, and huddled in front of a space heater in the house while Clark had to rinse out all our stuff.

That’s the most annoying thing about surfing when it’s cold enough to need a wetsuit — all the work after. It takes forever to peel that stuff off when it’s wet, especially the boots, and then you have to thoroughly rinse out all the salt water and hang it up to dry.

Today, I got an email from the woman who organized the Ocean City half marathon pace groups last year, asking if I’d be interested in pacing again this year. Of course I would! I immediately replied I was in, and said I’d prefer a pace group between 2:00 and 2:20, but I’d cover anything. She replied back that everyone is asking for that same range, so it’d be a big help if I took 2:40, 2:50 or 3:00. So it looks like I’ll be assigned to one of the last groups again, but oh well. Maybe something faster will open up again at the last minute like last year. Either way, I get to run this race for free again.


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