A Simple Running Log

December 30, 2014

Training for 12/30/14

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Yesterday, Pepper and I did an easy lap around the 4.5-mile loop. I haven’t run yet today, because I’ve been busy covering or watching people narrowly avoid head-on collisions all day.

This morning, I was sent to an accident scene outside Preston. Thinking it would just take 15 minutes, tops, to get some pictures and get out of there, I took Pepper with me. Well, when we got there, almost 90 minutes after the accident even happened, they were still extracting people from the car and bus that had hit each other head-on. Not a good sign. Anyway, no one wants to see pictures of bodies, so I sat in my car and waited.

And waited, and waited. Pepper was not happy.

"This is not the couch!"

“This is not the couch!”

"This is not the couch either!"

“This is not the couch either!”

The state highway employee directing traffic to the detour and the TV reporter who eventually showed up to wait with me both loved Pepper. Pepper was less than impressed with them, of course.

More than two hours after I got there, the ambulances (and one hearse) had finally gotten everyone out of there, the police were done recreating the accident and the TV reporter and I got our pictures. Pepper and I went to my office, where I wrote up the police report on the accident. Unfortunately, the driver of the car, a fourth grade teacher at the local elementary school, died at the scene. Everyone on the bus, which had people going to adult daycare, survived.

So that sucked. Then, on the drive home, I was on Federalsburg Highway, following a Pontiac Grand Am and a chicken truck. We weren’t poking along at all, doing about 10 over the speed limit, but this raggedy-ass Ford Contour came flying up on my rear bumper like we were barely moving anyway. It was close enough I could see the grill was busted out. Not a performance car by any means.

It followed me for a few miles, and then the driver decided he’d had enough of our slow asses, and he was going to pass my car and the Grand Am. Problem was, a Hyundai Sonata was coming from the opposite direction.

I slowed down to let the Ford in between me and the Grand Am, but the driver either didn’t see the oncoming car or thought his shitbox had the power to complete the pass, because he just stayed there in the oncoming lane, barreling toward the Hyundai. A frantic rear left turn signal finally appeared, so the driver saw the oncoming car, but the car was barely mustering up enough speed to pass the Grand Am at all, let alone enough to do it fast enough to get back in line and avoid the Hyundai.

I really thought I was about to have a front row seat to another head-on collision. Thank God the Hyundai driver was paying attention, and swerved onto the shoulder. This was not a near-miss or last-second completion of the pass either — the Ford was still 100 percent in the wrong lane when it met the Hyundai. I was so effing pissed at that assclown driving the Ford.

What really pissed me off though was when the Ford made the next left turn a HALF-MILE LATER. Good job, you almost killed yourself, your passenger and whoever was in the other car, but you’re going to get to your destination three seconds earlier than you would have otherwise! WORTH IT.

Now I’m home, and I’d like to get in a run. I don’t know if I should go back on the road though!


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