A Simple Running Log

December 12, 2014

Training for 12/12/14

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Yesterday, it started to snow (just flurries, and nothing stuck, but still, nooooooo!!!) so I scrapped the hill repeats on the bridge and just went for a short run on the trail.

Today, I took Pepper for a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. Turned out to not matter that I’d skipped yesterday’s hill repeats, which were supposed to be this week’s speed workout, because Pepper basically made me do a tempo run.

We did an easy mile to warm up, 8:25. By that point, Pepper had found a stick and gotten all the pee out of his system. The next three miles got progressively faster — 7:41, 7:33, 7:26. I made him slow down for the last half-mile, which we ran at an 8:20/mile pace. We ran the whole loop in 35:16, a 7:50/mile pace.

Clark’s Garmin also measures steps per minute, or cadence. Supposedly optimum cadence is 180 steps per minute, or three per second. According to the Garmin, I averaged 171 steps per minute, so, pretty close. I always wondered about that.

Finally, I have one last picture JB took in Rehoboth. They’ve been trickling in all week. It’s a good one.

Andrews finishers jb shot

I love Clark’s dad’s face!

This weekend looks pretty quiet. Clark was talking last night about possibly going up to Annapolis to help his brother and sister-in-law work on their new house some more. Other than that, I have a 13-miler on the schedule for tomorrow (which I hope goes better than the 13.1-miler I ran a week ago) and 6.5 miles at goal marathon pace Sunday.


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