A Simple Running Log

December 3, 2014

Training for 12/3/14

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Today, I had an easy 6-miler on the schedule. I could have just run around the 6.5-mile loop, but what would be the fun in that? So I drove Pepper all the way to Rehoboth and we ran a new trail instead.

This new trail connects Gordons Pond State Park, just north of Rehoboth, to Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes. It’s about 2.5 miles one way, two of those on a wonderfully secluded crushed gravel trail that winds through the marshes around Gordons Pond, and about a half-mile on a raised walkway/bridge. It’s part of the new marathon course they’re using at Rehoboth this weekend (the half course remains exactly the same and makes a U-turn in the state park where the marathon runners will get on the new trail.)

Anyway, I wanted to take some pictures, but I had my keys in one hand and Pepper’s leash in the other, so, Google images it is!

From the end we started at, the first two-ish miles were on the gravel section. Pepper LOVED it. I could not get him to slow down to save my life.

gravel trail

World War II observational towers on the beach, across the pond from the trail.

World War II observational towers on the beach, across the pond from the trail.

P.S. It didn’t look like this today. It was very gray and overcast, and nothing was green.

About two miles in, Pepper and I hit the walkway, which was made up of these narrow metal strips. He did not like that part one bit. But we eventually made our way across it.


On the other side, we ran about another 3/4 of a mile through Cape Henlopen State Park, then turned around and went back. We ran 6.5 miles in 56:something, an 8:41/mile average. Our miles ranged from 8:15 (gravel) to 9:00 (tiptoeing across the walkway.)

Back at the Gordons Pond parking lot, we walked down to the beach with the old WWII towers. I let Pepper off the leash, since there was absolutely no one else out there. I knew he wouldn’t run away, but I didn’t expect him to do what he did — the little shit kept running at me full speed and then skidding to a stop in the sand inches away, spraying sand all over me haha. The only time I got away from him was when I took off my shoes and walked out into the water. It’s definitely wet suit season now.

So that was that. We drove back into Rehoboth and checked out the house we’re all renting this weekend, which looked pretty sweet. Two days and everyone will be here!


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