A Simple Running Log

December 2, 2014

Training for 12/2/14

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I have training to speak of! Yesterday was so unseasonably nice, I had to run something. Seriously, it was shorts and T-shirt weather on the first day of December.

I took Pepper with me. I was going to just do a piddly 2-miler since I wasn’t sure how my throat would feel once I had to breathe a little harder than when I was sitting on the couch. But, I felt good enough that we wound up running to the turnaround of the 3-mile out-and-back.

Today, I did some strength training in between morning and evening meetings — abs, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights.

I came home in between those meetings because I could tell Pepper had not gone to the bathroom like he was supposed to this morning, because it’d been raining, and I didn’t want whichever of my in-laws came to pick him up this evening to find some turds in the utility room. I guess Pepper appreciated the fact I’m making an extra roundtrip today just for him, because he took a dump outside as soon as I got home, which means he was at least trying to hold it as long as possible. Then my father-in-law picked him up to take him to their house while I’m covering my evening meeting, just so Pepper doesn’t have to be alone. I’ll pick him up from there and bring him back home, where he will sleep curled up next to me under the covers. So spoiled!

Today I saw the first list of the Top 10 baby names in 2014 was released. (This one is just from surveying 500,000 new parents; the official one is compiled by the Social Security Administration, so obviously there are a few more weeks to go.) Anyway, I was pretty happy to see Abigail is finally off the list, at least based on this survey.

I always liked having an uncommon but not weird name, unlike all the Jessicas and Jennifers in my classes. I don’t know why, but around the time I was 16 or 17, Abigail/Abby started getting popular all of a sudden. I remember stocking shelves in Staples over winter break one year in college, hearing a woman call a little girl who looked to be about 5 by my name, and giving that kid the stink eye. I bet it was spelled Abbey or Abi too. Gross.

Anyway, now it’s all about Sophia, Olivia and Emma. Hopefully my name is sinking back into obscurity, where it belongs.


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