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November 26, 2014

Training for 11/26/14

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I’m not feeling the best right now. I have some kind of crud trying to work on me. When I told Clark I was getting a sore throat Monday evening, he said he was too, so one of us has gotten the other one sick. I, of course, blamed him, and he, of course, thinks it’s the other way around.

I ran yesterday anyway. It felt OK once I got moving, but I could feel a little bit of a burning in my chest the whole way. Pepper and I did 5.5 miles. I didn’t feel that great after I finished though. A lot of all-over muscle soreness, chills and my throat was feeling burnier, which is a word now.

I have not done anything yet today. I don’t have as much muscle soreness or chills today, so I’m thinking about going upstairs and doing some strength training. No running though — on top of the sore throat, it’s windy, cold and raining, so I think I’ll be taking my excuse to stay inside.

Well, actually, I have done one small thing today. I saw on Facebook that Jay Mohr is hosting the NASCAR awards banquet next Friday evening. Nothing against him, but this thing where they bring in a standup comic to host and “roast” the drivers is dumb. The music acts get on my nerves too. This is NASCAR, not the Grammys! Back in my day, they just had one of the TV broadcasters host, there was no live music (at least that those of us watching at home had to sit through) and it was up to the drivers to pick on each other if they wanted.

Which made me think of 1992, when Bill Elliott gave Alan Kulwicki a gold-plated comb at the awards banquet, to tease Kulwicki for combing his hair before appearing on TV after he won the championship at Atlanta. Which made me think of 1993, when Kulwicki and Davey Allison both died in aviation accidents — Kulwicki in a plane crash, Allison the day after he wrecked trying to land his own helicopter. Which made me wonder what ever happened to Allison’s two kids, who were very young when their dad died. Which led to his 24-year-old daughter’s Twitter account and this very cute picture of her and her dad back in the day, posted by her mom:

bobby and davey

Do you recognize the dapper fellow in the Penrose Pickled Sausages uniform and sunglasses in the background?

Bobby Labonte!!

The other notable thing here is that apparently Pharell stole his hat from Davey Allison. Seriously, what is going on there?

This must have been taken before a Busch (now Nationwide, soon to be Xfinity) Series race in 1991 or 1992. Bobby moved up to Winston (now Sprint) Cup Series competition in 1993, his rookie year, where he drove the Maxwell House Ford. I just thought it was cool to see my original favorite driver and my all-time favorite driver in the same picture together. I wonder if I’d have abandoned Davey for Bobby if Davey hadn’t died?

Anyway, tomorrow, if I’m feeling OK in the morning, I’d like to get in the first track workout of this training cycle, five 800-meter repeats. Then we have a lot of Thanksgiving to get to: Clark’s family in the afternoon, my aunt’s house in the evening and my parents’ house for dessert.


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