A Simple Running Log

November 7, 2014

Training for 11/7/14

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I haven’t done a whole lot since I last posted. Wednesday, I took a complete rest day. Yesterday, Pepper and I did a lap around the 4.5-mile loop in between downpours.

Today, I’m going to do some strength training, and then I’m meeting Allison for an 8-miler. She’s getting ready for the Rehoboth half marathon in a few weeks too. The rain is gone, but it’s windy as hell and quite a bit cooler than yesterday.

After that, I have to drive up to Annapolis and pick up my race packet for Sunday’s Across the Bay 10K.

I really don’t know what to expect from this race. I’m irritated there’s no bag check, for a race with 20,000 runners and no parking anywhere close to the finish line. It’s supposed to be in the 40s Sunday morning, which means I’ll quickly get cold after I’m done running, but other than the thin Mylar “space blanket” they’re handing out, I’ll have nothing to put on. Normally, there’d either be a bag check truck, where I could store my stuff, or my car would be parked close enough I could just keep it in there. But nope, neither of those options exist.

Not that the race organizers didn’t think of that! They have two really great suggestions:

A. “Make a friend or family member meet you at the finish area with a change of clothes and an extra jacket.” Hey Clark, I know it’s 4:30 on a Sunday morning, but get your ass out of bed, ride to Stevensville with me and wait for me to run a 10K, just so you can hand me my sweatpants after — thanks!


B. “Run with a jacket tied around your waist.” What is this, middle school gym class? We already all have to carry a handheld water bottle if we want to drink anything during the race — it’s a “cupless” event — now I have to tie all of my extra clothes on to my body if I don’t want to freeze within 10 minutes of finishing? No.

Well, since I don’t know anyone else running this race, I won’t have much of a reason to hang around the after party too long anyway. The space blanket will just have to be enough for the bus ride back to my car.

Anyway, other than this race, I’d like to get in 7 miles or so tomorrow morning. Outside of running, I have a bridal shower tomorrow afternoon, and Sunday, of course, is the big race at Phoenix, where they’ll determine which four drivers will race for the championship next week in Miami. (This time next week, Clark, Mike and I will already be there!) Fingers crossed for both Jeff Gordon and Kevin Harvick.


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