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October 31, 2014

Training for 10/31/14

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Happy Halloween!


I have some training to record. Wednesday, I took Pepper to the trail for an easy 3-miler, and then I did some strength training when I got home, including abs, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and a little lifting with the adjustable dumbbells.

Thursday, I just did an easy, untimed lap around the 4.5-mile loop, and today, Pepper and I did a lap around the 5.5-mile loop and I’m going to do some more strength training.

Pepper and I looked pretty festive for our run today. He carried this orange and black plush “bone” I bought him exactly a week ago that’s already cruddy and gross, and I wore the race shirt from the Seaside 10-Miler I ran about this time last year, which has a Halloween theme.

I tried to get a picture of us when we got home, but first Pepper lost all interest in the toy, and then my lack of selfie skills took care of the rest. This is as good as I could get:


"I already carried that thing five and a half miles; I'm not picking it up again for your dumb camera."

“I already carried that thing five and a half miles; I’m not picking it up again for your dumb camera.”

So we gave up and went back in the house, where Pepper was convinced he heard something outside and had to go investigate from the safety of the inside, of course:



Tonight, I’m going to 16 Mile with Clark and Mike. They’re having a costume contest. I doubt I’ll win anything, but I’m putting on the pirate costume stuff I bought 10 years ago and painting up my face to look dead.

Tomorrow, I have to get up pretty early and hit the road for the seven-hour drive to West Virginia, for the Marshall half marathon Sunday morning. It’s going to be cold! I will definitely be breaking out the tights, either full-length or capris, and a long-sleeved top, with good gloves and an earband.

I don’t have a goal for this race. I’m going to start with two of my running friends, Dave and Carissa, who are aiming for a 3:35 finish in the full. It’s a double-loop course, so if I can hang with them, I’ll get to run pretty much my entire race with them. If their pace is too much for me though, I’ll drop back. I just want to get through this one, improve at Rehoboth in five weeks and then train for Shamrock for real over the winter. That’s the plan right now, anyway.

And since today is the last day of the month, it’s time for my summary:


  • Week 1 (Oct. 1-4): 9 miles
  • Week 2 (Oct. 5-11): 24.8
  • Week 3 (Oct. 12-18): 21.5
  • Week 4 (Oct. 19-25): 23.5
  • Week 5 (Oct. 26-31): 23

Total: 101.8 miles

Holy crap, I hit triple digits this month for the first time since July. I was surprised to see that, actually. It seemed like I skipped a lot more runs than that, but it’s a nice step up from the 50 and 60 miles I put in over the last two months. The only race I ran was the second leg of the Baltimore marathon relay.

In November, Shamrock Marathon training technically begins sometime soon, so my mileage will definitely continue to creep up. I have three races planned too: the Marshall half this weekend, the Across the Bay 10K a week later and the Pumpkin Pie 5K I do every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


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