A Simple Running Log

September 18, 2014

Training for 9/18/14

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Dogs are the best.

This morning, I got up when Clark got up to feed Pepper. I decided I was going to run something before an interview I’d scheduled for later in the morning. I hadn’t felt like it yesterday, and I still didn’t really feel like it today, but I was going to make myself go.

Then Clark reminded me he was about to leave to go to the beach, as the surf report looked promising. (I’d have gone with him, had I not had that interview.) So I put off my run for about a half-hour, until he’d left, so I could take Pepper with me.

It was an absolutely perfect morning for a run, clear, calm and chilly enough for a light long-sleeved top with my shorts — the total opposite of the sucky weather I’d tried to run through Saturday.

Pepper seemed to be a fan of the weather too. He took off down the road with no complaint (of course, that was probably only because he knew Clark was gone so the alternative was to be in the utility room by himself.)

My foot was bothering me a little bit at first, but it had relaxed by about a half-mile in. The rest of the run was really smooth, and Pepper made sure I held a decent pace for once. The only hiccup was when we passed a roads crew trimming tree branches, and the equipment scared Pepper across a ditch and into someone’s yard haha.

It turned out to be a pretty great run, and the first one in a long time that I was wishing I hadn’t made the turn for home when I did, and had run a longer loop instead.

Sure, some of that was because of the perfect weather and a lot of it was because my foot wasn’t killing me, but a lot of it was also thanks to my favorite four-legged running buddy. He’s a very good dog.




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