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September 16, 2014

Training for 9/16/14

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Saturday’s run was kind of miserable. Actually, it was a big ol’ pile of crap.

For starters, based on Friday’s low humidity and coolish temperatures, I expected Saturday to be more of the same. I put on a shirt! OK, a thin tank top, but still. I can’t remember the last time I wore a shirt to run in the middle of the day.

Yes, I waited until almost noon to leave, again. But like I said, nice weather, right? No rush to get started.

Well, something happened between Friday and Saturday. It was not cool and it was not low humidity. As I found out when I looked at the weather when I got home, it was actually nearly 100 percent humidity. The air was thick. Very unpleasant. It’s something I can usually suck up and deal with between about mid-May through August, but when we’re a week out from the calendar start of fall, I’m over it.

Anyway, I’d told Clark I was doing 10.5 miles, so I set off down the road. The first couple of miles didn’t feel too great. Turns out it was my third consecutive day of running. There was a time when I used to run seven days a week, but this ain’t that time. Three days in a row is a lot for me right now, unfortunately.

My legs seemed to loosen up about two miles in, and for a brief time, running didn’t feel too bad.

About three miles in, I passed the ferry, as usual, which was holding its annual festival. Somehow, in the seven Septembers we’ve lived in our house, I’ve never actually seen the festival. We were always either out of town, or I was injured or the ferry wasn’t in operation so they didn’t hold it.

There was a pretty big turnout down there. It looked like a bunch of craft and food vendors and some live music, from what I saw while I was weaving through wandering old people and oblivious little kids.

Once I cleared all that, I was in the swamp. I ran well through this area, but then everything just kind of fell apart, especially my breathing. I felt like I just couldn’t catch my breath in all that humidity.

I took my first of who-knows-how-many walk breaks right around the 4-mile point. They were never long walk breaks, just long enough to get my breathing under control again, but there were plenty of them.

I was sorely tempted to take the next road home, which would have shaved 3.2 miles off the total loop. For some reason, I kept going.

About five miles in, I decided I’d had enough of the shirt. I stopped long enough to tear it off, ball it up and shove it in the waistband of my shorts. I felt a million times better without it clinging to me.

That lasted about another half-mile haha. It was time for the GU and salt cap I’d brought anyway. Fun fact: I’ve been so inconsistent about long runs in the year since I bought a 24-pack of GUs, they’ve expired before I’m even halfway through the box.

I passed up a second shortcut home here, the last possible one. I may have been slow and clunky, but I was at least going to cover the whole 10.5-mile loop.

Eventually, I got home. I was soaked head to toe in nothing but my own sweat (it didn’t start raining finally until AFTER I’d finished, of course) and I was pissed. The whole run just flat-out sucked. Overall, I’d only managed about a 9:30/mile pace.

Runners like to say “You never regret going for that run!” Well, cheerful theory debunked. I seriously regretted that one. It did absolutely nothing to pump up my dismal motivation. If anything, it made it worse. If running is just going to feel like that all the damn time, what’s the point in torturing myself?

I guess I also have to admit my foot is bothering me off and on again. Some days are better than others. Saturday was somewhere in the middle. That’s also not helping anything — who wants to go out for a training run when there’s a chance it’s just going to hurt? And why the hell is the stupid thing hurting again, anyway?

I feel like I’ve been nearly consistently sorta-injured for a year now. Right foot, left calf and now left foot. They’re always just little niggling pains that fade in and out until they explode into “welp, I can’t even walk right now.” That’s yet another factor in my motivation going down the crapper. What’s the point of trying to get into a good training cycle when it’s just going to get derailed by yet another injury?

And why the hell am I so damn fragile now? It’s incredibly frustrating. It’s only been a few years since I was busting out 200-mile months and running seven days a week. I’ve done up to 75 miles in a week with no problem. Now I can barely string together 20.

Well, I don’t have any answers for any of that right now. I spent the rest of Saturday on the couch with Clark and Pepper, drinking seasonal beers.

Sunday was more of that. I’d been planning on it being a rest day, and I stuck to that. NASCAR and more beer.

Yesterday, I didn’t run, but I did do strength training. With Clark. He made me lift more weight and do more reps than I normally do on my own. I fully expect my arms and back in particular to be pretty sore this evening. It usually takes about 24 hours for that to set in.

I’d set my alarm to run before my usual Tuesday morning meeting today, but I woke up two minutes before it was supposed to go off, heard it was pouring outside and turned off the alarm. It’s nice and sunny now, so I’d like to get in a run after work. I’ll see if my foot’s in the mood for it today.


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