A Simple Running Log

September 5, 2014

Training for 9/5/14

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Today’s run wasn’t completely awful! Probably because I actually left the house to do it before it got too hot for once.

Immediately after I fed Pepper his breakfast, I got dressed and went out for my run. It was clearly on its way to being another hot, sunny day, and the humidity was cranked up, as usual, but it still felt much better than yesterday’s run.

I did an easy, untimed lap around the 4.5-mile loop, and was completely drenched in sweat by the end, but overall much happier. 

I’m not sure what my plan is for this weekend, as far as running goes. According to my training plan, I should be running a 19-miler tomorrow and the first of three 20-milers next weekend, but obviously that’s not happening. Maybe I’ll try to get in the 10.5-mile loop so I can at least say I’m in the double digits again. I’d like to get in at least one 20-miler next month before the marathon.

Other than running, I’m not sure what the plan is either. There’s a very important NASCAR race in Richmond tomorrow night, so I’ll definitely be watching that. There was a rumor that Bobby would have a ride for this race, but that does not appear to be the case. Womp, womp.

Anyway, it occurred to me earlier I never mentioned the hipsters we saw on vacation in Portland! I need to write this down if not just for own my own record-keeping.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of any of these people, but trust me, they were all real.

Sunday, Aug. 24, was the only full day we spent in Portland. We’d just gotten in our rental car and were waiting for Clark’s phone to pull up directions to a brewery we wanted to visit, when we saw three younger guys walk by the car. All hipsters, for sure, especially the one in the middle, who was wearing a T-shirt, cargo shorts and suspenders… that weren’t attached to his shorts in the front OR the back. They were just draped over his shoulders haha.

Then we went to the brewery where, from our seats at the bar, we could see two employees in the back chopping up pounds of bell peppers. One of them had a side mullet. It looked like he’d grown out his hair long, parted it down the middle and then buzzed off one side. Whenever I saw him head-on, it looked like he had his head cocked permanently to one side. One of the top five dumbest hairstyles I’ve ever seen.

When we left the brewery, we were sitting in our car, again waiting for the phone to pull up directions to our next stop. We were parked near a highway off-ramp. We saw an old white Jeep Cherokee, flashers on, go the wrong way up the ramp toward the highway. Clark said it was a hipster, on his way to create an ironic head-on collision, and I imagined him yelling out his window, “WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!! DON’T GO THE DIRECTION ‘THE MAN’ IS TELLING YOU!” as all the people driving the right way swerved to miss him haha. I’m not sure what happened there. The Jeep never came back.

And finally, when we left Voodoo Doughnut that night, a girl asked me if I could spare a dollar or a doughnut. A dollar… or a doughnut. You’re not getting anything from me, hipster hobo! Go stand in line for 30 minutes for the same thing you can get from Dunkin Donuts only priced double yourself.

Here’s a bonus — I found buried in my email yesterday the free picture they took of us at the Space Needle. It’s so fantastically cheesy, I had to post it here.

Guess which one of us didn't want to pose for this?

Guess which one of us didn’t want to pose for this?

I’ll add this one too, since I’m a huge dork in it. This is another one I found long after it’d been taken. It’s from when I visited the Jelly Belly factory in January:

jelly bellyThe little paper hat we all had to wear on the tour really makes it!



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