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September 2, 2014

Training for 9/2/14

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Saturday morning, I ran the Last Blast Prediction 5K in Rehoboth. I’d put down 22:42 for my predicted finish time, considering I knew I’d feel like crap since I’d just come back from the West Coast and was all screwed up on sleep, and I hadn’t run much at all in the last several weeks, let alone done any kind of speedwork.

I was even more tired than I expected when the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. Saturday. We’d gone to the Orioles game the night before (which they won, the first time they’ve ever done that while I was at a game, so I guess I’m not the bad luck charm I thought!) and I didn’t get to bed until 2 a.m. So I’d gotten about three and a half hours of sleep on top of feeling like it was still the middle of the night when I had to get up.

When I got to the park where the race began and ended, I didn’t do any kind of a warm up. I hadn’t seen TK in a few weeks, so I chose to just stand around and talk to her while we waited for the race to start.

The only thing I had going for me was the weather. It was pretty nice. Not too hot or humid, for once.

We got lined up, got the start commands and took off.

I felt like absolute crap the whole way! I think 22:42 would have been about a 7:20/mile pace. I knew I wasn’t anywhere close to that, but I seriously felt like I was working as hard as I ever had. I just couldn’t go any faster.

This particular course is used for several 5Ks a year, so I’ve run it enough that I knew where all the turns were and always had an idea of how much farther I had to go. Somewhere in the final 3/4 mile, which is just one long straightaway, I caught up with a guy who asked me what time I’d predicted. I said 22:42 and he said “You’re definitely not running in the 22s!” He said he put down 24:00 for his time because he hadn’t run in the 22s all summer and he was backing off that day. I already knew I was slow, but thanks for the verification, buddy!

Also reminding me how freaking slow I was running was the dude just ahead — pushing a double stroller! I never caught him.

At least I got to wear my Hood to Coast team shirt!

At least I got to wear my Hood to Coast team shirt!

Of course, I had no idea exactly how fast (or slow) I’d run after I finished, since there were no clocks and we weren’t allowed to wear watches. (See that lonely-looking white stripe on my left wrist? I didn’t really mind not knowing my time, but I hate not wearing a watch.)

I did a half-hearted little cool down jog, maybe a mile, tops. Then I changed into flip flops and found TK. Rita’s Italian Ice had a little cart in the park, handing out free ices to runners. I got a pumpkin pie one that was really good.

Eventually, they posted the results. I’d run 23:19 (so that guy who put down 24:00 was way off too.) Once again, I was nowhere near close enough to my prediction to land in the awards, and I’d just run that course two minutes and four seconds slower than in July! Oof.

Anyway, after they gave away the awards for the 20 closest predictions (the winner was only 0.29 seconds off his prediction), they handed out the awards for the summer series. There were only three women in my age group who’d run enough races to qualify. I had five first-place and one second-place age group finish in my six qualifying races, so my final score of 7 was low enough to win my age group again.

F 30-34 age group winners.

F 30-34 age group winners.

I went to the beach house in Fenwick after the race, and spent the afternoon on the beach. It was a great day for it, sunny and warm, but not sweltering. I think I was able to take a nap. I was so tired!

I’d expected Clark to come down to the beach too, but he decided to stay home, so I went home late in the afternoon. That night, we went to Easton to go out to dinner with my cousin Corey. We were able to take Pepper with us. He was pretty good, except he wouldn’t stop farting! Dog farts really put a damper on a nice dinner haha.

Sunday, I slept in yet again. It’d gotten hot out there by the time I finally got up. I decided a bike ride to the trail and back, with a run on the shaded trail, sounded a whole lot better than just running on the sunny roads.

It’s about six miles to the trail. The ride there went fine, and the parking lot was empty when I arrived. My favorite! I’d brought an old combination lock to try to jerry rig some kind of method to lock my bike to the rack, but I couldn’t get it to work, so I just rolled it into the woods, hid it a little bit off the path and hoped no one took it.

The run sucked haha. I was so hot! About two miles into it, I was about to run over a bridge, when I noticed the stream. It looked so clear and inviting, and I could see the bottom was smooth and sandy. I remembered when I was little, and we’d go down to the woods to trudge through the stream in the summer. Two seconds later, my shoes were off and I was in the stream, splashing it all over myself. It was so cold. It felt amazing!

I don’t know how long I stayed in there. No one else came by, thankfully. Eventually I got out, put my shoes and socks back on, finished the run, fished my bike out of the woods and rode home. Twelve miles on the bike and three miles on the trail, done.

That evening, we went to my parents’ house for my family’s Labor Day party. Dave and Kasey found out last week the sex of their baby, but they hadn’t told anyone yet. They’d bought a bunch of Silly String cans, and covered the labels in duct tape, so we couldn’t see what color it was. Then they told us it’d either be pink or blue, counted down from three and told us all to start spraying.

And it came out pink! They’re having a girl, which they’ve already named Kaylee Marguerite. My first niece! The due date has been moved up a week too, to Jan. 4.

My brother also turned 30 recently, so of course, Aunt Helen put on a big 30-themed party for him. He got a lot of 30-packs of beer, including the Schafer he gave me, which I gave to Corey, which Corey passed on to him. I’m sure it’ll still be around for Becky’s 30th in two years.

Aunt Helen also got a custom-printed T-shirt for Dave:

dave and me


Dave’s having a daughter! I’m having another beer haha.

Clark and I stayed at my parents’ house long enough to see the end of the NASCAR race from Atlanta. Still feeling like I’m on West Coast time works out great when I want to stay up late.

Of course, yesterday morning, it wasn’t so great when we wanted to get up early and head to the beach again. We slept in some more, and finally got on the road late in the morning.

That afternoon, we put a surfboard on top of the Jeep and headed down to Assateague. Traffic sucked getting there, as all the tourists were heading home, but once we got to the beach, it was another great day for it. Clark and I took turns sitting on the beach with Pepper and taking out the surfboard. The conditions were kind of choppy, but Clark caught a few waves, I got close a couple of times and I never got any water up my nose, so, win!

We wound up staying down at the beach house last night too, staying up late drinking beer (first Punkin Ales of the season!) and playing cards. We got home this morning.

I’d like to run something before I have to cover a school board meeting tonight. It’s so damn hot out there though! I really need to get this training back on track if I’m going to actually run a marathon in exactly two months. Right now, I feel like I can be ready for the distance Nov. 2, but not a PR attempt. 


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