A Simple Running Log

August 18, 2014

Training for 8/18/14

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Saturday morning, I went out for a lap around the 8.2-mile loop.

I thought it was supposed to still be kinda on the cool side Saturday, so I wasn’t in a hurry to get started. When I finally went out, I found out I was wrong and it’d warmed up again. At least I’d thought to bring water with me.

The run didn’t go that great. I mean, nothing hurt, but it was hot and I’m out of shape after not being able to run for almost a month, so what do you expect? I made it about 4.5 miles before I had to take the first brief walk break. I’m not sure how many times I stopped to walk over the last 3.7 miles, but my average pace for the whole loop was 9:06/mile. The first four miles were all well under 9:00, while the last four and change were all well over.

Anyway, that afternoon, after they’d cleared two separate incidents on the westbound side of the Bay Bridge and on Route 50 in Queenstown that had completely shut down the highway, Clark and I went over to Pasadena for my friend Meredith’s rescheduled Fourth of July cookout. We had a pretty good time there, and then stopped at the Denton Pub on the way home. We had Pepper with us, so we sat outside the pub. As usual, Pepper was attracting all kinds of attention. Most people just wanted to pet him, tell him how handsome he was and then go on their way. Those people are great. But we also had not one, but two guys who sat down at least 10 minutes each and wanted to tell us all about their own dogs. The one guy said, “I love dogs! I could sit here all night and talk about them!” I really wish you wouldn’t! 

Yesterday, I really was thinking about working out. I’d thought about a short run, but my calves were really sore (I’d run in the Zeros the day before for the first time in weeks), so I thought I’d just ride the bike. Well, the morning slipped away, then the race came on, then Clark had to cut his grandmother’s grass, which left me home alone with Pepper, and then when Clark got back we wanted to go out to dinner. So there was nothing yesterday.

Guess what I wasted my morning on? Clark and I had been looking at YouTube videos. When he fell asleep, I got sucked into looking up the worst accidents in motor racing history. It all started with watching some NASCAR videos and noticing a “suggested video” on the right about the worst fatal accidents in NASCAR history. Obviously the most famous is Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s crash at the end of the 2001 Daytona 500, and I knew about Neil Bonnett dying after wrecking in a practice session for the 1994 Daytona 500, J.D. McDuffie’s fatal wreck at Watkins Glen in 1991 and Fireball Roberts dying in 1964, a month after his car crashed at Charlotte and was consumed by one of his namesake fireballs, but there were several in the video I’d never heard of. There were some pretty awful crashes, but then I read some of the comments, which mentioned far worse open wheel racing fatal accidents.

And down the rabbit hole I went! The morning was completely gone by the time I had thoroughly investigated all the very worst. If you’re curious, check out Gordon Smiley’s 1982 Indianapolis 500 qualifying accident, Tom Pryce’s accident at a 1977 F1 race in South Africa or the 1955 Le Mans disaster on YouTube — that’s what it’s actually called, “the Le Mans disaster,” because somewhere between 80 and 130 spectators died, plus the driver of the car that exploded into pieces, shot its hood and entire engine block, among other debris, into the tightly-packed crowd and then burst into flames. But be warned, the Pryce video is especially graphic only because the footage is so much clearer.

I turned on the Michigan race. After a couple hours of watching horrendous racing accident videos, I wanted to yell at the drivers “DON’T DO IT!! YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!” They were all fine, of course.

Today, my calves are still pretty sore, so I think I’m going to do strength training upstairs followed by a bike ride out to the trail, where I’ll do a couple easy miles, and then bike back.


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