A Simple Running Log

August 8, 2014

Training for 8/8/14

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Good news! Finally. My dumb foot has made a ton of progress just over the past day. It feels completely normal to walk on, even to jump on, and when I press where it’s been sore the past couple of weeks, there’s barely anything there. Flip flop straps no longer bother it either. I’m feeling pretty optimistic I’ll be totally fine in plenty of time for Hood to Coast, which starts in exactly two weeks.

I’m still not running the 5K tomorrow though. I’ve since learned that neither is Kara. Her vacation at the beach the past week wore her out haha. I gave her a bit of a hard time — how many races have I shown up for even though I’m super hungover and/or sleep-deprived? — but she hadn’t paid to sign up yet, so I completely understand. Anyway, I’m still walking the dog mile with Pepper, and then getting my two free drinks at The Starboard. Clark’s going too, since he needs to get his motorcycle from the beach house anyway.

As far as training goes, last night, I rode the bike around the 12.2-mile loop, and today I did strength training upstairs first, including ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights, and then I did a lap of the 7.3-mile loop on the bike.

Maybe Sunday I’ll try a short run, just to see where I’m at. Other than maybe-running, weekend plans include going to a friend’s birthday party tomorrow evening, and then hosting all my friends at my house Sunday afternoon to celebrate a birthday. And of course, there’s a NASCAR race from Watkins Glen to watch.


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