A Simple Running Log

August 7, 2014

Training for 8/7/14

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Welp, I’m still off running. I’m 99 percent sure I won’t be running the 5K in Dewey Beach in two days, barring some kind of miracle recovery. There’s a 1-mile dog walk option, as the race benefits Delaware SPCA, so, since I’ve already paid for it, I think I’m just going to make Pepper walk with me, cheer on Kara in the 5K and enjoy the after-party at The Starboard. Sucks to have to skip out on the race, but I’m much more concerned about being able to run again in time for Hood to Coast in two weeks, and pounding out a 5K isn’t going to help.

I don’t know what’s up with my foot and I’m not paying a medical professional to just shrug and tell me to take some Advil and rest until it doesn’t hurt anymore, which is what I’m already doing.

Sometimes I can’t feel anything wrong in that foot at all. Other times there’s a dull ache just walking on it. If I squeeze that first metatarsal, I can always find a sore spot.

The last couple of nights, it’s gotten really sore when I’m just lying there, trying to sleep, not putting any pressure on it at all. Tuesday night, Clark and I stayed at the beach house. I fell asleep watching TV on the couch, as usual, but was woken up by my throbbing foot. I don’t know how long I lied there, unable to get back to sleep because I was completely consumed by worry about not being able to run Hood to Coast and screwing up everything for everyone else at the last minute. Then I’d decide I’d run my relay legs no matter what, but that would make me worry about doing so much damage I’d have to drop to the half at Marshall (which would be the third marathon in a row I’d have to do that.) I finally fell asleep again at some point but woke up yesterday morning exhausted.

Stupid injuries. Stupid feet! They’re becoming the bane of my existence.

Anyway, the last couple of days didn’t completely suck. Tuesday afternoon, I went to Ocean City to hang out with my family at the condo. I got to the beach just as a huge wave washed up way past the lifeguard stands, soaking everyone’s stuff. Tropical Whatever Bertha was passing far enough off the coast Tuesday afternoon that it didn’t bring us even a little cloud cover — it was a perfect beach day — but it definitely kicked up the surf. The waves were coming up much farther than usual, cutting in half the available dry sand on what was already a pretty crowded beach. It also created a little ditch that small kids were happy to play in, as the ocean itself was extremely rough.

The waves were big and choppy, and breaking right on the shore. There was also a strong enough riptide that the lifeguards forbid anyone to go in the water for about an hour. When we were allowed in the ocean, it was a constant struggle against the riptide. No lazy floating out in the ocean that day!

Clark came down that evening, with Pepper of course, who’s not allowed in my family’s rental condo. So we invited my family to the beach house for dinner.

Wednesday, Clark, my cousin Corey and I (and Pepper of course) took the surfboards and a paddleboard down to the Indian River inlet. It was much calmer there than it had been in Ocean City the day before. There was a bit of a swell when we first got there, but it died down. I took out a surfboard but wasn’t catching anything, so I took out the paddleboard and had a better time on it.

When I wasn’t in the ocean, I was on the beach with Pepper while Clark was out in the water. Pepper was being pretty good, mostly lying in the shade under the umbrella we’d dragged out there just for him. Someone even commented what an “obedient” dog he was haha. I started thinking, yeah, Pepper is a pretty good dog! So good, I bet he’d calmly walk on down there to the jetty with me, where Clark and Corey were trying to surf, to watch them.

Wrong! The closer we got to the jetty, the more he freaked out. Something about the sound of the waves and the sight of them crashing against the rocks, I guess. He was having a full-on panic attack and practically choking himself on his collar, he was pulling on the leash so hard. We did not make it to the jetty.

I had to leave around 4 p.m., unfortunately, so I could rush home, take a shower and then make it to the 4-H fair to cover the royal pageant. I was already annoyed about having to leave the beach for such a lame assignment. Then I got there, and during the interview portion of the competition, the lone candidate for queen was asked to name one thing that makes her unusual, and she stood there silently for several uncomfortable seconds before she finally mustered the energy to say, “…nothing. There’s nothing special about me.” Then she slinked back to her seat. OK then! Your queen, everyone! And the reason I’m not still at the beach! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT NEWS.

Also, I had to listen to two of the three little princess candidates sing the same off-key a cappella rendition of what I think is a song from the Disney movie “Frozen” (something about building a snowman?) The one girl who didn’t sing was named little princess, by the way.

Today, I’m at home and doing actual work before I have to cover a town meeting tonight. At some point I’ll do some strength training and a bike ride.


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