A Simple Running Log

August 4, 2014

Training for 8/4/14

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It’s Aug. 4 and my mileage for the month is still a big fat zero, and will remain so for the next few days at least, I’m pretty sure. This whole weekend was kind of a bust anyway. With no races (or runs at all for that matter) on the schedule, I was hoping to spend the whole thing on the beach outside the condo my family rents this time every summer, but it rained off and on the entire last three days. Of course, today, now that I’m stuck inside working again, it’s hot and sunny outside for the first time since last Thursday. Eff you, weather.

Friday, I did strength training upstairs first — ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights, and then I rode the bike around the 7.3-mile loop. I went to the beach anyway that afternoon, because both of my sisters and my cousin were there, and we’d planned a night out. There was a break in the drizzle late in the afternoon, so my sisters and I went out in the ocean for a bit. That was the only time I spent on the beach the whole weekend. Clark came down that evening, and we all went to the Greene Turtle, since it was within walking distance.

Saturday morning, I went out to breakfast with my family and then headed home, where I spent the afternoon just lying around with Clark. I never even rode the bike that day. That evening, we went to Salisbury to get sushi for dinner. We thought about going to see a movie after, but the only one we were interested in didn’t start for another 90 minutes when we were done eating, so we just went home.

Sunday, I rode the bike around the 17ish-mile loop again. I thought I was making pretty decent time until less than a mile from home, when a guy on a proper road bike went gliding past me like I was barely pedaling haha. Clark and I watched the NASCAR race, and then we went back to Ocean City to meet my family at Fager’s Island to celebrate my uncle’s 64th birthday.

The fine dining side of Fager’s is pretty expensive, and we’d asked the waitress to split up all the checks before we even started ordering, but then my uncle insisted on paying the entire 11-person tab — for his own birthday dinner! He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Clark finally withdrew cash from an ATM, pulled open the door on my aunt’s car where my uncle was sitting and tossed the cash in his lap as they were leaving haha.

Clark, my cousin and I hung around when everyone else left after dinner, because there was a live Beatles tribute band scheduled to perform at Fager’s last night. We had a couple beers at the OC Brewing Co. right around the corner and then went back for the show.

The tribute band was pretty entertaining, but they didn’t start playing until after 9:30 and we still had to drive home. We left during their first set break and got home around 12:30 this morning.

So that’s what I’ve been up to the last few days. I’m planning on strength training and another short bike ride today, after I get some work done. I have a meeting to cover this evening. If it doesn’t last too long, I’m meeting Clark and some of his company’s clients in Salisbury for dinner. They’re in town from Mexico for a few days, and tonight is Clark’s night to entertain them.

I’m not sure what to think about the foot. I can feel a very specific sore spot if I press hard on the first metatarsal. There’s only pain if I flex my big toe up really hard or cross my second toe over the big toe and press down hard. Even that doesn’t hurt sometimes. It’s frustrating. Guess I’ll just stay off it until it doesn’t hurt anymore, which is about all I can do.


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