A Simple Running Log

July 25, 2014

Training for 7/25/14

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I don’t have too much to report today as far as running goes. Wednesday evening after work, Clark, Pepper and I went down to the beach house. My brother met us there too. We grilled burgers for dinner, and then we got up early yesterday to go surfing and paddleboarding. I wish I’d thought to take a picture of the Jeep’s roof rack, which was loaded to capacity with two surfboards and two paddleboards. All our stuff, plus three people and a dog, fit easily inside. I’d say the Jeep is definitely the perfect beach vehicle.

Yesterday morning was overcast and not particularly warm. It also looked like it might start raining at any minute. This turned out to work in our favor, since it kept the majority of the tourists off the beach. It was practically empty.

We started in Ocean City, where technically dogs aren’t allowed 24 hours a day between May 1 and Sept. 30, but no one cares until the lifeguards show up around 10 a.m. One of us had to sit with Pepper while the other two were out in the ocean. I’d gotten an iced coffee on the way there, so I took the first shift with Pepper while Dave and Clark took out the surfboards.

The surf conditions were pretty decent. The waves were slow rollers, not too big and not crashing right on the shore.

While I was sitting there with Pepper, it started to drizzle. I pulled out my towel so Pepper could huddle under it, since he’s made it very clear he’s not a fan of water at all, whether it’s falling from the sky or gathered in a large body, like the ocean or, you know, a puddle. That seemed to be good enough for him, and he didn’t freak out.

Clark came out of the water soon after that. I took out his surfboard. I did OK — I got close to catching a couple of waves though I couldn’t quite close the deal. Better yet, I didn’t get any water crammed up my nose! I took out my paddleboard later. I even tried to catch a couple of waves on it. The second one, it shot the board right out from under my feet, and I landed on my butt on the board and then rolled off into the water haha.

About 20 minutes of 10 a.m., I was telling Clark we should probably leave ahead of the lifeguards when, on cue, a beach patrol truck pulled up and told us dogs weren’t allowed on the beach. So we loaded up the Jeep again and went to Assateague.

I haven’t been to Assateague all summer. I forgot what a pain in the ass it is to get to the beach we like to surf, because of, again, all the stupid tourists. The only road leading to the beach is one lane in and one lane out, so you’re screwed if you get stuck behind some asshat doing 10 mph the whole way because they’re looking for wild horses — and then COMING TO A COMPLETE STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD BECAUSE THEY SPOTTED ONE. I don’t even feel comfortable honking at them because I’m afraid I’ll spook the horse. So I just have to put up with it. There weren’t even that many people there yesterday, again because of the weather, and it still took forever to get to the beach!

Anyway, we eventually made it and got the Jeep parked. We just unloaded the surfboards that time. I also took the umbrella to sit under with Pepper, as it was raining a little harder by that point. Dave and Clark were out there for a while. By the time they came in, I didn’t feel like going out in the ocean. I just wanted lunch. So we loaded up again, crept our way out of Assateague, stopped for barbecue and made our way back to Fenwick.

Dave left soon after we got back. Clark and I stayed until the late afternoon, then went home a different way than usual so we could stop at the Burley Oak Brewery in Berlin for the first time. They had some really good beers, including a pale ale with habeneros.

We didn’t get home until about 9 p.m., so, way too late to think about running. I still haven’t done any training yet today either. The plan is to do strength training and a 4.5-miler later.

This weekend, I have no races! In fact, I have the next two weekends cleared of racing. Tomorrow, I’m doing a 13-mile long run, and then I think we’re going to a party at one of Clark’s coworker’s house. Sunday, I’m supposed to do 6 miles at goal marathon pace.


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