A Simple Running Log

July 17, 2014

Training for 7/17/14

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Parts of today’s run went OK. The important parts, I guess.

I had four 800-meter repeats on the schedule, the first interval workout of this marathon training cycle. I’ve decided all these 800 workouts are going to be Yassos, so I wanted to hit 3:30 on each.

Once again, I took my time getting out to the track. It was almost 2:30 p.m. when I finally got there. Today wasn’t particularly hot or humid for mid-July, but it was still in the low 80s and sunny.

I did an easy mile to warm up, and then took off for the first repeat. It didn’t feel like I was pushing it at all, and I expected it to be too slow, as the first one nearly always is for me. But to my surprise, I easily finished it in 3:25.

I did a slow recovery lap, and then picked it up for the second repeat. Somewhere in the second lap, things started to go downhill. I felt like I needed a bathroom, and quick. I finished the repeat in 3:21 and made a break for the port-o-potty outside the track.

With things taken care of, I got back on the track, did a recovery lap and then sped up for the third repeat. I’d barely started the second lap of it when I really needed that port-o-potty AGAIN. I was practically tip-toeing across the line to complete the second repeat — in 3:20 — and then for the bathroom again. What the hell did I eat?!

Luckily, that was the final time I had to use the bathroom while I was there. I did another recovery lap, and then started the final repeat.

I was coming around the last turn to complete the first lap when I suddenly felt very short of breath. I slowed up and finished the lap in 1:42, but I had to take a recovery lap just to get my breathing back under control. When I came back around, I ran the second half in 1:39. Had I ran them together, it’d have been another 3:21.

Normally I’d do two miles to cool down, but today I felt so dead just trying to run those slow laps I cut it to only one cool down mile, for a total of 5 miles.

I just don’t know what was going on today. I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary before I went out there, and it was hardly the hottest day I’ve ran this summer. I just felt like poop. Oh well, at least my splits were good, so there’s a bright spot.

Tomorrow morning, Clark and I are heading to the beach first thing to go surfing. I might go for a short easy run after that, if I feel like it. Then my sisters and aunt are meeting us down there, to take my younger sister out to celebrate her 21st birthday.

I’m staying at the beach house tomorrow night, because I’ve got the fifth and final 5K I need to run to qualify for the summer series Saturday morning in Rehoboth. The best part of this one is the post-race party at the Greene Turtle on the boardwalk, which puts out a really great breakfast buffet for the runners.

Sometime that afternoon, I’m heading over to Alexandria, Va., to spend the evening with my friend Jen, who’s coming to town because we’re both running the Rosaryville 50K in Upper Marlboro on Sunday morning, along with a few other Loopsters. I’m running with her, and she’s trying to get a course record; she wants to come in around seven hours, which is about a 13:30/mile pace. I think I’ll be able to keep that up for 31 miles.

I really have no business trying to run 31 miles at any pace right now, considering a few half marathons are the farthest I’ve run since last September. If it gets bad, I’m allowed to just drop to the 25K mid-race. But I really want to try to get in the whole thing, if not just to hit all the aid stations. Ultramarathon aid stations are the greatest things in the world.

And then finally, after that race, we’re celebrating my twin nephews’ 16th birthday at my older sister’s house that evening.


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