A Simple Running Log

July 15, 2014

Training for 7/15/14

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This morning, my training plan called for a 6-mile easy run. We’d gotten a pretty bad line of storms last night (after I’d sweated my butt off through a sunny, sweltering 3-miler, naturally) and I was hoping it had cooled things off a bit outside.

I went out to the kitchen to get my iPod and noticed the outside of the glass back doors were coated top to bottom in condensation so thick I couldn’t see anything outside. Still, my optimistic little heart was convinced, somehow, the humidity wouldn’t be that bad when I went out. Maybe it’d even be a little chilly at first, until I warmed up!

I stepped out the side door into dream-crushing humidity. It wasn’t anyone’s definition of “cool.” Not even close. I waited until I got back home to look at the Weather Channel’s website, but it turned out it was almost 80 degrees with 93 percent humidity. Super gross. And that was at 6 a.m., because I had an early meeting to cover this morning, which thankfully motivated me to get the run in first thing.

I took off down the road. Days like today, I’m always hoping to turn a corner and see an irrigation system spraying onto the road. All the standing water in the ditches along the fields from last night’s storms made it clear no one would need to run irrigation today, so I could just forget about that.

Long story short, it was miserable. Sweat was pouring into my eyes and making them sting, which would make me try to wipe my eyes — with my sweaty fingers, which put even more sweat in my eyes and made them sting worse. Breathing was hard. Everything sucked. I also ran past a dead skunk right in the middle of the road (that’s going to smell amazing over the next few days!) and got dive bombed by some dumb squawking bird probably protecting a nest.

I was almost 5.5 miles into this suckfest when I ran around a curve in the road and saw IRRIGATION SPRAYING ON THE ROAD. Less than a half-mile ahead! Bless whatever oblivious farmer left it on! Seriously, bless you, dude. I stopped in the road and let it wash over me several times. It was incredible. So cold it was almost a shock, but then I remembered how effing hot I was, and it was perfect.

That last half-mile wasn’t so bad! I didn’t even mind the squishing in my shoes.


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