A Simple Running Log

July 14, 2014

Training for 7/14/14

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Saturday morning, I couldn’t be bothered to go for my run until noon, and that was only because Clark was going to have to leave at 1 p.m. to meet a coworker to go up to Baltimore for the Orioles game. Since I only had an hour until I had to be back home lest Pepper freak out, and since it was 90 degrees by that point, I decided to do the 5-mile run on the weekend schedule and save the long run for Sunday. Ideally Sunday morning.

I wore the Garmin for reasons I can’t remember now. In spite of the heat, the first 4.3 miles actually didn’t go too bad. In fact, my miles got progressively faster until I ran an 8:04 for the fourth one. Then the pizza, wings and beer I’d had for dinner the night before reared their ugly head, digestively speaking. After a stop in the woods, I just couldn’t seem to get my legs and breathing back. Mile 5 was an 8:49. I did pick it back up to an 8:00 pace for the final half-mile, and finished the whole 5.5-mile loop in 45:45, an 8:19/mile average. Not bad for the weather, but I couldn’t wait to get inside out of the heat and drink something.

I was one step from my lane when my neighbors from down the road pulled up in their truck — to give me a lecture about running when it’s so hot out. The old guy in this couple told me he used to be a runner the first time I talked to him, about four and a half years ago, when he stopped to lecture me for running on the wrong side of the road (which I’ve since stopped doing) and tell me a delightful story about a woman he knew who used to run with her back to traffic too, until the day she got run over and now she’s paralyzed from the waist down.

This time, he gave me the hot tip that it’s cooler in the mornings, so I should leave for my runs earlier. His wife nodded knowingly. A couple of sages right here. I said I knew that, because I used to be really good about getting up early in the summer to run, but I’ve turned into a massive procrastinator for whatever reason. I told them I’d only done half the distance I’d originally planned because of the heat, and I was going to try to get up earlier for the longer run the next day.

Then I turned around to walk up to my house. I guess they didn’t know exactly which house I live in, because they both looked a little sheepish and one of them said, “Oh, I guess you made it home OK.” Haha, yes, I guess I did. Thank you for your concern! I should have asked them for a lift.

Clark left for the game as soon as I got back. I spent the rest of the afternoon using up some of the Sprite left from our Fourth of July party last weekend by mixing it with all the vodka that’s been in the freezer for years because we never have anything to mix it with. The only thing I ate the rest of the day was the leftover pizza and wings from the night before. Fueling up right for the next day’s long run!

Sunday morning, I did, in fact, wake up pretty early, eat some breakfast and hit the road for a lap around the 11.2-mile loop several hours earlier than I’d left for my run the day before.

I fought the urge to cut it short the whole way though. I wasn’t sore, or hungover (I fell asleep so early Saturday evening I easily slept it all off.) Nothing hurt. Yeah, it was hot and I had sweated through everything by the end of the first mile, but that’s normal for this time of year. I just did not want to do it.

I made it through the first six miles OK. They were all between 8:33 and 8:50. Then I walked for a minute to eat a GU and swallow a salt cap, and it was like someone had a pulled a plug and what little motivation I’d had drained away. I at least made myself do the whole loop instead of taking one of the two shortcuts home, but the last 5.2 miles were a mix of running when I felt like it  and walking when I didn’t. The last five splits ranged from 9:27 to 10:freaking:51.

I finished the 11.2-mile loop in 1:44:06, an overall average of 9:18/mile, which wasn’t as terrible as I’d expected. And while I was glad I finally put in a double-digit run for the first time in almost two months — the last one was the St. Michaels half marathon — I was mad at myself for being such a pansy.

Did I mention I’m signed up for a 50K this coming Sunday? When I get to the 11-mile marker, I’ll still have 20 to go. I’ve already asked one of my friends who is using the race as a slow training run for an upcoming longer race if I can tag along with her, but still. No matter how slow you’re moving, that’s 31 miles on your feet.

Anyway… when I got home, Clark went upstairs and did a strength training workout, and then we took Pepper down to the beach house. After lunch, Clark and I took the paddleboards out, while Pepper stayed at the house with Clark’s parents.

It was really windy yesterday at the beach. We got through the canal fine. Then we got out on the bay. It was really choppy; there were almost little whitecaps out there.

We were paddling along with the wind at our backs. It was blowing so hard, we barely had to paddle. I knew it was going to be much harder on the way back. I was thinking about calling ahead to Clark that I was going to turn around when he fell off his board and said maybe we should head back.

As soon as we faced the wind, we knew we were in trouble. Clark, who’d taken the lighter, less stable board, asked if we could switch because he wasn’t sure he’d be able to get back on it. We were close to the edge of the bay, where it was shallow enough to stand up, so we both just hopped off our boards and switched.

Well, the choppy bay and the wind felt even harder on that board! I hadn’t even tried standing up on it yet, and I could barely get it turned around to head back. I was still on my knees trying to get it turned around when I toppled off the side of it. Luckily, I immediately grabbed my sunglasses, so I didn’t lose them.

I figured I could walk through the water faster than I’d be able to paddle against the wind, so I just started pushing the board toward home. I felt pretty smart for about 15 seconds, until a freaking jellyfish stung me on the back of my left knee. I scrambled back on that board pretty quick!

With the board already pointed the right way, I was able to keep my balance on my knees at least, and slowly made my way back to the house. It wasn’t until I was back in the canal and out of the wind that I could stand up on it again. By the time I got back, everything on me hurt from paddling against the wind.

Clark made it back to the beach house too. We hung out there a while longer, and then we took Pepper to Dogfish Head for dinner. We got there quite a bit earlier than last time, and they were still seating people on the deck for dinner. We were close to done when another couple with a dog were seated next to us, and the guy asked if he could give Pepper one of his dog’s all-lamb treats. It made Pepper bust ass the whole way home haha.

Today, I have strength training and a short easy run on the schedule.


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