A Simple Running Log

June 19, 2014

Training for 6/19/14

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Since I posted yesterday, I’ve cranked out another 10 miles — 4.5 miles last night, and 5.5 this morning.

Both runs were pretty slow and required some walk breaks to drain the water bottle I was carrying, but, while my legs are feeling progressively more tired with each run (and I’m getting pretty sick of these routes), my tolerance for the heat seems to be improving. We keep it around 80 here in the house, and it’s feeling chillier to me every day. This, of course, becomes a problem when I go somewhere like work or anyone else’s house in the summer, where it’s usually 70ish, because that feels like an icebox to me. But it’s a good thing for running, not to mention our electric bill.

A pretty big storm came through here last night. I was hoping it would cool it off a lot. It’s definitely not as hot as yesterday, but it’s still pretty warm and muggy outside (and sunny again.)

I’ve got one final 4.5-mile loop planned for tonight around sunset, and then tomorrow’s going to be a rest day ahead of Saturday morning’s 5K in Rehoboth.

Tomorrow, I’m leaving bright and early to meet my sisters and one of my nephews and go to King’s Dominion for the day. I haven’t been there since I went with Clark in 2005. Since then, they’ve built this ridiculous roller coaster called The Intimidator 305. The ‘305’ is how tall the first drop is. I guess it was added to the name to differentiate it from the original Intimidator, which is at Carowinds south of Charlotte.

Anyway, that first drop is 90 ft. taller than the first drop on the Superman coaster at Six Flags that scared the piss out of me last summer. Awesome. There are also a lot of things I’ve read on the internet about riders “graying out” (not quite blacking out) in the first banked turn after that drop because of the g-forces, but supposedly they modified the track somehow to fix that.


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