A Simple Running Log

June 13, 2014

Training for 6/13/14

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I actually have some training to record today.

Yesterday afternoon, after I got done moping on my blog about the fact Bobby Labonte isn’t driving anymore, I went upstairs and did strength training, including ab exercises, push-ups, invisible chair-sitting and weights. My quads were still a little sore from strength training two days earlier, so I eased off on the leg stuff a bit.

In the evening, after Clark got home from a business trip, I went out and did a lap around the 4.5-mile loop. While the heavy rainstorms from the afternoon had moved on, the humidity had not. It might as well have been raining, because I couldn’t have been any more completely soaked at the end of that run.

Today, once again, I waited until pretty late in the morning to do my run. It was closing in on noon when I left the house. It’s still muggy, but the sun was out on top of it.

Between the uncomfortably warm conditions and my still-sore legs (seriously, what did I do to these things?), I wasn’t feeling it. I did the 7.3-mile loop, but I stopped to walk and take a pull off my water bottle whenever I felt like it. Miles are miles though.

Clark and I are leaving for the beach as soon as he gets home from work this evening. Dave and Kasey are meeting us down there. Tomorrow we’re going surfing in the morning, and Kasey wants to try the paddleboard. Then we all have tickets to a tasting event at the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton. I think Mike is meeting us there too.

Dave and Kasey are going home tomorrow evening, but we’re staying down there tomorrow night too. TK will probably come down tomorrow night to stay at the beach house with us, because she and I are signed up for the Father’s Day 5K in Rehoboth on Sunday morning.

I don’t have high hopes for this race — I have done zero speedwork since that 5-miler three weeks ago, and I’m usually not feeling the greatest the morning after one of these tasting events at the brewery.

And then we’ll all go home after the race, so we can see our dads for Father’s Day. Guess I better stop at a Dairy Queen soon and get my dad another gift card!


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